occasionally i have to google “handsome dudes” just to remind myself what one looks like, for VISUAL RESEARCH PURPOSES. 

At first i couldn’t believe that predictive text option was even on the list when it was exactly what i was going to type, but then i couldn’t believe it was that far down the list given my history and what i was already looking at.

in case you were wondering, who the “body” result belongs to, the previous reference search was for Ranveer Singh, because i saw the below promotional image for “Gunday” and needed more references because HOT DAMN MAKES A BODY WANNA MAKE A THREE DEE MODEL MAN

but now i’m just wondering about the guy who got dog surgery

wild-crazy-and-beautiful asked:

(New oc of mine) Hitome was on the verge of crying bloody murder. She was trying to finish her essay on Greek mythology when someone kept moving the desk. Her very long black hair was in a pony tail and her emerald eyes were focused on her paper.

J.D’s eyebrow raised as he noticed from the back. “Oi, will ya’ll grow up, let the girl do her damned work.” He said, shaking his head in disgust.

anonymous asked:

How do you picture a modern aphrodite ? What do you think she would be, how she would look like ?

Well, I did make a few headcanons about a modern Aphrodite here! I also wrote a story called Gone Goddess that features a modern Aphrodite and I describe her here:

“Sister.” The word rolled of off her tongue to the ground at her booted feet, Aphrodite was beautiful, and even that word paled in comparison to her; lithe and slender, she was dressed in a black and grey plaid skirt, and a black muscle tee, the word Bitch printed across her chest in bold white letters, her golden curls were put up into a high pony tail, “How’s my boy?”

Artemis could feel her jaw tighten, “He isn’t yours.” She breathed, curling her fingers against her palms.

Her hot pink lips twitched into a sneer, “Your boy?” she muttered, shrugging her shoulders as she sauntered around her towards the porch, “How is your boy?” she said, pushing the tip of her tongue between her teeth as she ran her fingers down the arch of Artemis’ bow.

“He’s not my boy either.” Artemis said, even as propriety rose out of her guts, and got stuck behind her teeth, “He’s his own boy.” She muttered, “What do you want, Aphrodite?”

“I have a proposition for you.” She said, tilting her head, and rolling her blue eyes towards her, “There is a wild boar roaming in your forest.” She breathed, “Hunt it for me, and I shall leave Adonis alone.”

The Goddess’ face darkened, “And if I don’t want to hunt your boar?” she retorted, folding her arms over her chest.

Aphrodite’s eyes flashed, “Then I will take Adonis, and I will tear him to shreds.” She snapped, “I will take his heart, I will cut him into pieces, I will end him.” She said, her lips curling over her teeth before her face softened, “Kill the boar, Artemis.”

My Aphrodite is beautiful and she’s cruel, but you must understand, she’s always been cruel, as love has always been cruel. She’s a jealous, vain creature, as with most Gods, but there’s a hidden softness in her. It’s deep, and only shows itself in the vague gestures of her hand against her son’s cheek, her lips against Hephaestus’. If you’d like ideas for a face claim tho, perhaps Emma Rigby from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? Really, anyone would work though, these headcanons are all subjective, and your view might be different from mine :).