All I wanted to draw was Celestia in Sombra’s armor, but somewhere along the way it turned into Celestia being forced to rule as a tyrant and committing atrocities because of hard times or something. She has to remind herself every day that if she doesn’t stay strong, her little ponies will be worse off.

Or maybe not. At some point, she’ll be confronted and her rule ended. Maximum feels ensue as the “heroes” learn of her plight and what she had to endure. Maybe there could’ve been another way. Or maybe not.


We finally received both the test print for My Little Sweethearts 4; Happy Holidays as well as the final Cutey Confidential premium calendar. Sweethearts is very excited to announce that both look absolutely spectacular!

We will be announcing the release of MLS 4 very soon so get excited and please stay tuned. ♥

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