More silly doodles of this silly au, this time with extended family,

Okay so, Starting with the Apple Family, or in this case I would call them the Cider Family? This family was made for the city, always rearing to jump into the hustle and bustle with that famous Manehattan attitude.  Granny Smith is a world renowned graphic designer, food critic as well as a world traveler. Mac, still a man of few words, lets his artistic works speak for him. He is known in the art scene for his sculptures and is a frequenter of the underground scene with his poetry. Applebloom is your typical go-getter city gal with never a moment to spare in the big apple.

As for Rarity and her family, I have yet to figure out what Rarity’s folks would be like but I imagine Sweetie Belle being a little more scruff, always trying to prove herself to Ivory by showing how tough she is. Ivory still won’t let her into the caves though, not with those spaghetti arms…

To be frank I don’t think Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have changed much personality wise, just placed into a different setting.

Also again, if you guys have any ideas for names for Sparkling Cider and Ivory’s family members feel free to share!

Can I just put it out there how ardently I love the Arrow/Olicity fandom?

There are literally all kinds of people here :

a. The Lustees - “Oliver’s chest is my reason to live!”                                     “Damn girl,Felicity’s ass is stuff of dreams!”

b. The Romantics- “Awwww! Just kiss him already!”
   ”Somebody please give him a hug please. “

c. The Philosophers- ” Oliver and Felicity are endgame for sure but they need to go through all these hurdles to prove their  love”  
“What is life without our otp struggling with their feelings? Let them understand themselves first.”

d. The Psychics - “Olicity is endgame,y’all. I know it. You’ll see.”
“Did you see that hug? I can see future Olicity babies,y’all.”
 ”Diggle is our Mascot.”

e. The Analysts - “That light touch on the shoulder. It means   something.”                                                                                                         “She is twisting her earring because…”                                                         “That finger tapping she does,its a sign of..”

f. The Conspiracy-theorists - ” I dont believe what they are showing           me. I think there’s something else to this..Just why did she blink only twice in that scene. I dont know why but its freaking me out.”

 ” I am not sure all this is happening in this universe. I think the show is set somewhere where you can never get together with the one you love. Oh yeah,CW.”

g. The Bullshit-Cutters - ” Urgh. No. What the hell. Stop being so               dramatic.My God”.
 ” I dont believe you,sorry #sorrynotsorry”
 ” Just no,okay? Go away from my sight.”
 ”I cant even look at you right now”
h. The Capslock- exclamators- OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT                   CHEMISTRY?!!!
” I CANT EVEN!!!!!!!!!”

i. The Confused - ” This is sooo good for character development but        what about my heart?”
” I hate you Ray,but you are so cute. Stalker yes,but your wife died..I love you Ray.”

j. The Fanatics -” If Olicity is not endgame I will put an arrow in Guggenheim myself!”
“Marc,you have failed the ship!! ”
“How very dare you,Marc!”
“I will die with this ship.”

I love you guys so much, it hurts

—  allthatgravity

A lil fun Color Palette Challenge I did this week 
This was super fun, thank you everyone for participating!