This is my niece Cailyn, she’s three years old and was recently diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) . This is a very rare form of tumor diagnosed in only 200 children a year in the united states. The tumor is sitting on her brain stem and is inoperable. She just finished her first round of radiation, but other wise there is not much else the doctors can do. UNLESS she gets to take part in an experimental treatment in NY. My brother is in the Navy, and their insurance will not cover the cost. 

I am asking that my followers help me out with a signal boost for Cailyn, whether it be for prayers or donating to her fund to help her recieve treatment. The average length of survival with this type of cancer is 9 months, with about 30% making it a year, and less than 10% making it 2 years. 

You can donate to her fund by following this link, where you can also read more about her illness: Cailyn’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation



So, this is my little sister with cancer. I made another post earlier, about how she has pontine glioma and the doctors gave her 1-2 months to live. I just wanted to share her story, because she has been such an inspiration to me. She’s six years old, and even though she’s so sick, she has the biggest, most beautiful smile in these pictures. That’s just the type of person she is. 

I remember when I was still in high school, which was kind of a super rough time because I was being bullied and felt like I didn’t fit in and was dealing with trauma on top of all of that, I would look forward to seeing her every single day when I got home, because just being with her would brighten up my day times a million. Even as a small, small child, she had that power. 

She’s gone into radiation and chemo, and she hasn’t complained about it. She even asked to go in without being sedated, and she stayed completely calm. I remember an older lady wrote a note to her saying that my little sister inspired her to remain positive and fight the cancer. My little sister always went into radiation wearing her favorite dresses and with that same big, beautiful smile on her face. 

I just can’t describe her to you or anyone, because there aren’t enough words in the english language that I know that can do her justice. She is hands down the strongest person I know, and my inspiration and motivation to keep going no matter what I’m dealing with. And she hasn’t been that just for me, she’s been that for so many people. She never had a mean word to say to anyone, which is so rare for a small kid. I remember I was crying after having a bad day at school and she gave me the biggest hug and said, “It’s okay Stacy, wipe away those tears. Turn that frown upside-down!” and literally wiped my tears away. She was just amazing like that. It’s so hard to see her go through this and know that I am so far away from her. I wish more than anything that I could hold her and be with her right now, but flights are expensive and I just need to try and see what I can save up. 

I love her so, so, so much. The day I heard her diagnosis was the day that my world came crashing down, and hearing the news the other day that the doctors just gave up on her and stopped treating her altogether because there was nothing else that they could do just broke my heart. I feel like no one understands. She’s more than my little sister, she’s my baby. 

She told me the other day “I wish we had more time to play together” and I had to hang up because I couldn’t hold the tears back. I wish we had more time to play together, too. 

I don’t want to impose, but if you guys could please, please, please keep her in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you think will be helpful, I would really appreciate it. I just want to do whatever is possible to help her situation. 

If you want to stop by her caring bridge account and make a financial contribution, or just give some kind words and support in the guest book and let my family know that you’re thinking of my sister, that would be amazing, too. You need to sign in or create an account if you choose to do this (really easy, you just need to give them your email and create a password and that’s it). 

If you could just share this, I would appreciate it. The more people who are thinking/praying/whatever else for her, the better. Thank you so, so much for your time if you read all of this, I really appreciate it. 

A reason why ancient history is important

The Appian Way is an ancient Roman military road connecting Rome with southern Italy.  Outside of Rome the Via Appia is surrounded on both sides by mountains and runs through the Pontine Marshes.


In 279 BC King Pyrrhus of Epirus and his army traveled north on the Appian Way to invade Rome.  King Pyrrhus narrowly avoided disaster when he realized the Romans planned to ambush his army, trapping him in the the Pontine Marshes.  He retreated and instead invaded the Roman city of Asculum.


In 1944 Allied forces under the command of Gen. John Lucas landed in Anzio and followed the Appian Way to invade Rome.  


German Forces ambushed the Allies and trapped them in the Pontine Fields (which had been reclaimed from the marshes).


The Germans then flooded the Pontine Fields, returning them to their natural state as the Pontine Marshes.



It would take almost six months for Allied forces to break out of the Pontine Marshes.  The resulting Battle of Anzio led to over 43,000 Allied casualties.


Hope for Caroline


Recently, a five year old named Caroline (Calle) was diagnosed with DIPG ( Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), an inoperable brain tumor. Only 200 children in the US suffer from this disease so Calle’s family is hoping to raise awareness for this, and possibly getting the miracle they so desperately need (right now if no cure or treatment is found she only has about a year to live). 

So if you could all join their facebook page and reblog this post so as many people as possible can learn about this that would mean a lot to us, Calle, and her family. We want to help Calle and her family get the coverage needed to make their dream of spreading awareness come true. Please help guys and thank so much.

Pray for Calle. 


The Graham Norton Show Series 7 Episode 3 

The infamous Pontins’s story that made John Cleese loose his head! 

(*The Scotland Joke was "Where you from?" "Scotland" "Who paid for your holiday?" The Wales Joke "Where you from?" Wales. Make a noise like a sheep. couldn’t fit this part in gif form so I thought I’d write it down here :P) 

Magnum announced for @hardrockhell V

And there will be a band announced every Tuesday evening on Rock Radio. The line up is shaping up to be a pretty tight one, so if you want to get yourself a weekend ticket, you need to be quick. Original allocation has already sold out, but there are a number of new chalets being built as part of Pontin’s refurbishment, which are on sale now.

For more information about Hard Rock Hell V: Village of the Damned go to

anonymous said:

OMG! I saw you play in the UK when you were in that band "The Tints"!!! It all just came together. You were at Pontins!

This message is blowing my mind in so many different ways. PLEASE tell me you’re on Tumblr and are going to message me off anon. This is too much right now.


I’m going on holiday tomorrow and my queue isn’t full so they’ll be about a week where I won’t have posted. I’ll be back though! (I doubt there will be wifi in Pontins). See you soon xx

My Special Child, True Story

My Special Child, True Story

“How are you? I forgot to tell you that my daughter had died on November 10th…. “

That was the text message I received from my old friend months ago. Of course the news surprised me. We then became involved in a long chat about her daughter’s death.

“Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun……. What happened?” I replied.

“Tumor in the pontine brain stem…..we were informed that there was inflammation in her brain stem at the end of September 2013, then she was admitted to a hospital in early October. She often got headaches since Ramadan, but they were irregular at first but then after that she frequently got headaches. I had time to take her to the general practitioners and physiotherapists, but she was still dizzy,” my friend explained.

“We took her to see a neurologist who requested an MRI and blood tests. After 12 days in the hospital the doctor said that the results were positive: she had Diffuse Pontine Glioma. We’ve asked for a 2nd opinion in Singapore, Jakarta, Germany, USA and Melbourne, but the result was the same, and there were some doctors who wanted to take risks for research. Finally, we tried herbal alternatives in Kuala Lumpur, but apparently Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, planned differently. Up to now, we do not know the cause of this case and according to the doctor the disease is attacking 5 of 100 thousand children aged 9-13 years.”

“Ya Allah….these ages are still so vulnerable….we often assume that children in this age range are strong,” I responded.

“Time is so short. If you look on YouTube, there is a similar case where a child got the illness when he was 13 years old as well, but he survived, probably because his type was not diffuse. If it is a normal tumor, usually it’s a core or mass gathering and produces outer swelling (inflammation), but in my daughter’s case, the core was spread into small pieces so there was no action that could be done – not a biopsy, chemotherapy or radiation. This tumor had nothing to do with viruses/bacteria,” my friend said.

“According to the doctor quite a lot of children are in contact with the illness, but they don’t catch it because the families are probably unable to take them to the doctor,” she explained further.

Oh Allah … I was stunned. I was familiar with the grief of losing a child, as 16 years ago I also lost our first daughter when she was newly born. But my friend, I think, received a more severe test because she was given the opportunity to take care of her daughter for 13 years, was able to get to know her daughter’s nature, to take her to school, to teach her….. Experiencing that togetherness for a longer period of time would create a deeper wound.

“How did she deal with it?” I asked my friend.

My friend responded, “In the early stage when she found out that there was inflammation in her brain stem, she was so good, Subhan Allah. But right before death, perhaps because she was tired and there were prohibitions on her diet from her herbalist for not eating carbohydrates and sugar, she was somewhat grumpy and she often thought of food.”

“But at that point, she wasn’t complaining about the pain, so much and only protested concerning her eating being limited. Finally, she was not willing to accompany me if I went out. If I left for too long then she would look for me and did not want me to be far away. According to her physician, within 1 month she would be paralyzed, and her maximum life expectancy was only 8 months left,” she continued.

“Alhamdulillah, before dying, she was not paralyzed nor was she in a coma. The last week she talked a lot, but the day before she was passed, she just told me that she was sleepy and didn’t talk much. In the morning at about 2 am before she died (at 14:20) she had vomited 4 times and pooped and she only said to me, ‘I’m not going to change,’ because she’d had to change her clothes up to 3 times,” my friend recounted.

“Her condition started to decline from 11 am and her pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation began to range irregular. Her pupils did not respond to stimulation and the doctor said we had to get ready. If she were to become paralyzed she would suffer longer. The day she died I had no feeling at all, but when I thought about how she became so well behaved I began thinking about how if a child has good behavior usually he or she will be taken by the Almighty faster, but I was trying to get rid of that feeling because we should be ikhtiyar and always seeking healing,” she said. 

In the end my friend revealed, “The medical tools had already been prepared for her since the morning because the illness had attacked her respiratory system. Previous symptoms were difficulty swallowing, sometimes nausea, and stiff fingers….but I’m sure that this was the best thing for her and the family. Allah knows what is the best for us and Alhamdulillah, since the diagnosis, we were given time to accept it willingly. Inshaa Allah we will all be strong, patient, and sincere……..”


That was our long chat in last November and when I met with her in Indonesia a few days ago I was so happy to see that she is now pregnant. Oh Allah, I hope this unborn child is able to treat their wounds that have formed from the loss of their special daughter. You have a wonderful plan for Your people, we understand that not all that is good for us is good according to You, and that not all things that are bad for us is bad in front of You. Only with sincerity and patience do you so easily You answer our prayers.

by A.a. Sumadri[/caption]