#Caroline implying that she actually had a relationship with Klaus. #All though my heart along with the drawing went threw the shredder. #I’m trying to be okay with her shredding it. #Only because she finally has acknowledge a couple times that she has FEELINGS for him. #OH and let’s be honest she has MANY copies of it. #She did the same thing as Klaus did in 3x15. #Trying to throw their feelings towards each other away. #Caroline I think is in the same place as he was in 3x15. #He was in denial and was trying to move on and now so is Care. #She’s still in College and hasn’t experience so many things or been in a lot of relationships. #We all know that Klaroline will be end game no matter what. #SO let’s just hang tight until the day they get married and ride off towards the sunset with their pony. 

MAN i have been trying all afternoon to do some askroxy drawings but… yeah it’s been a long time and my style has somewhat changed a bit. i’m getting so frustrated!!!!

but here are some explorations i did, and trying to get the feel of drawing roxy again. she’s so cute. but i can’t seem to draw her as easily anymore! time to keep practicing i guess.