Tumblr PonCast Special Edition: Sweet Apple Acre Con Q&A 

We will postphone our normal show till later this weekend but tonight we have a special podcast. Join your hosts TJ (Mic Boom/Pirate Dash) and Stratos (Fyrefly/Chocolate Pony) as we interview two staffers involved with Sweet Apple Acres. First at 7:30 til 8:15 PM EST we are joined by Sheva Das the new Head of Public Relations of SAAC, then afterwards we will be joined by Obsidian Winter to hear her side of the story. Join us with your questions ready. 

Join us here at 7:30 PM: http://www.livestream.com/chocolatepony


Uhhh hey guys, we’ve got our first episode up! It features a bunch of the Canterlot Studios gang, including AdamTh3Walker, FiveOFlutter and Pen Stroke, as we talk to guests Digibrony and Cherax Destructor. The topic is the inimitable DawnFade fanfic University Days (which you should totally read before listening*).

We’ve also got some more episodes planned for you, but they were postponed for a later date i.e. happening soon maybe so stay tuned

*I’m not kidding okay we will spoil the everhorsing hell out of it and it’s really good so read it here or listen to a beautiful reading by this guy

TumblrPonCast Episode 27

Well do we have a lot for you this week. From Snowden leaking the BronyCon-EFN contracts to the guest list for Nightmare Nights. Chili’s pony, Toddlers and Tiaras, and more! We are joined this week by returning guest Obsidian Winter the former Head of Programming for BronyCon to discuss the news topics of the week. Join us live at 9:30 PM EST on Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/chocolatepony

PonCast Episode War Doctor (Meaning 8 or 9, I forgot)

The MLP Trading Card Game Pre-Release, New Episode, and More

LIVE NOW! At 8pm EST we will have a mini-brief epsiode as co-host Flavin needs to rush to get going on his final exam studies. Choco just game back from the DC MLP Card Pre-Release, and TJ has a thing or two to say about the new episode. Ahmedz might be here. Join us!


Episode 11: Rainbow Fell
  • Episode 11: Rainbow Fell
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PonCast Episdoe 11: Good Night, Sweet Molesting Princess

What what? Drama? Despair? Derpy? Sounds like a job for the classic band of idiots on this week’s show! We very nearly have a special guest on, but don’t, and much is discussed in regards to shimmering rainbow symbolism and why you shouldn’t be upset about the hammer coming down on PinkiePony’s our favorite pink, sexy overlord even if you’re John Joseco (Who actually isn’t upset for that matter) 

Showest of Notes

Disclaimer: The views expressed by individuals in this show do not reflect the views of the others or the podcast as a whole. 


Tumblr PonCast Episode 10: Cloudsdale Congress Staff Interview 

Join Stratos (Chocolate Pony) and Flavin (Gamer Ponies) as we are joined by Cloudsdale Congress Chair FIReNVY, Head of Public Relations BFV, Head of Musician Relations Ganey, and Head of Programming Mode as we talk about the first pony convention after the Las Pegasus Unicon meltdown. 

Was Cloudsdale Congress a success or a sign that brony conventions are doom? Listen and find out as the Cloudsdale Staff give their exclusive, first post-con interview with the PonCast. We will talk about their initial idea of placing a con in our Nation’s Capitol, their reaction to having BronyCon take place so close in Baltimore, the actions taken shortly after the events of Unicon to avoid similar disaster, and their thoughts on how successful this small con was. We also discuss brony musicians, Michelle Creber and Kit Kat bars, the awesome Lee Tockar, Spike as a dog in Equestria Girls, things to do in Baltimore during BronyCon, and much more. 

Link to the Cloudsdale Congress Party in the Clouds Soundtrack:http://partyintheclouds.bandcamp.com/

Also, Big Apple PoNYCon is going up in about a week. Come support the home of the original BronyCon. http://www.bigappleponycon.com/

We at the Tumblr PonCast also want to extend our congratulations to our fellow TumblrPon friends, Aphex (Stalkerloo) and Noodle (Laura the Zony) on their wedding this coming Saturday. Their wedding will be livestreamed for all of TumblrPon at 2:00 PM CDT. More information about their engagement in the following link:http://askstalkerloo.tumblr.com/post/…

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Tumblr PonCast Episode 8: Alicorns, Hasbro, and Equestria Girls Oh My!

Thank you for joining in to our 6 hour PonCast!

We originally planned to just interview Sheva Das and Obsidian Winter about Sweet Apple Acre Con then by surprise we were joined by Silver Eagle of Ponyville Live, then Final Draft of EFN, and Ironhoof and other former SAAC staff. The treat of the night was our interview with the infamous Snowden Pony. Thank you for an exciting episode. I will get the 6 hour episode edited and up soon. 

Episode 12: Alaskan Bull Tatzlwurm
  • Episode 12: Alaskan Bull Tatzlwurm
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PonCast Episode 12: BBC’s Cadencelock

Cadence was a Princess. A princess with shownotes. She had seen war. She couldn’t live one month in the Crystal Empire without breaking into a crack den and beating up a Tatzlwurm. She’s addicted to a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle of podcasts and potential chicken dances.

Oh yeah! And also a brilliant artist and a dear friend Aphex Angel is here to tear us all out, spice things up in the bedroom, and all-around help me forget that these things were supposed to be censored. I’m sorry, what? Okay, but see I edit on Sunday nights and that was the Grammy’s so I can’t make any promises. No wait, I can promise you this: I sure did say a lot of things that would shame my dear grandmother. She must be apalled! But she’s not. She’s dead.

Puts a damper on having opinions about things.

Episode 9: Cripples in our Children's Programming
  • Episode 9: Cripples in our Children's Programming
  • The PonCast

PonCast Episode 9: There ARE girls on the internet, I knew it!

Hi-dee-ho, here I go, It’s time for another podcast show. This week, as our lovely notes may depict, we have on a surprising number of guests to discuss Scotaloo’s lack of ability, the episode’s mixed reception, and whoever animated Ms. Harswhinny’s face, because hot MAMA that was fun to look at. And what would a poncast episode be without a classic rant? A farce, I say!