how did you know i had an AU that i needed to design a Link for?

things i’ve always wanted Link to have:

  • wavy hair
  • position as a Hylian Knight
  • something other than a broad sword(scimitar in this case)
  • freckles
  • an outfit that’s not green
  • a turtleneck 

the plot of this AU is currently a secret
i will say that it’s not until about have way through the story that he gets his familiar green hero attire 

had the sudden urge to create this guy but now that he’s come into existence, i don’t know what to call him
it may appear as tho he has horns, but they are actual soft, fleshy antenna that can curl and uncurl at will

does anyone have any ideas?
suggestions for species names would be much appreciated and very helpful! \ovo/ 

this is becoming something more than just crazy hormones

i’ve really been wanting to RP this whole AU thing, but the friend i created it with isn’t a huge fan of writing for Eagus and i really don’t wanna make her do something she doesn’t want to…

so all i can do is draw cute things of them orz

anonymous said:

Luka; tell us five of your favorite things to do... alone~


"I really don’t have a lot of time to myself since I’m in the nursery the majority of the day taking care of hatchings and any free time I do have is usually just spent resting. The children are really all the fun I could ask for!"

((sorry if you were implying something sexy, anon, but this isn’t the blog for that. Besides, Luka isn’t actually much of the… amorous type anyway.))