Choosing adhesive printing manufacturer

The sticky label tag printing have higher requirements on printing and method equipment, then when attention should be paid by choosing the adhesive stickers to the following things:

1. Based on the labeling of the thing kind, the scale, quality, qualities at first glance of the stick, the applying environment and also the person’s requirements along with other consideration that is extensive. If you like to-use openness polypropylene adhesive publishing labels that are excellent on the name made from containers that are translucent may produce no labels of feeling that is trendy, can boost the goods’ level, induce consumer buying desire. And polyvinylchloride (PVC) picture flexibility, contractility, opaque, running home and labeling functions are extremely excellent, and colourful, have the purpose of the promotion of items.

2. Picture type the adhesive label exterior should be uniform and clean lustre, thickness, colour and compact is not inconsistent, pervious to assure the film absorbing ink consistently also to lighting, with the publishing quality of color difference is little.

3. The adhesive printing labels's breadth needs uniformity, strength directory to not become unqualified. Publishing procedure for printing strain associated with thickness, if the thickness, the publishing strain is not even, result in name produce handwriting or printer has deep have superficial. If inadequate strength of thin-film, printing film anxiety, it is hard create a fantastic effect on the waste release and to manage along the way of the diecutting.

4. The adhesive label to level some off , rewinding tension is consistent. Good flatness, publishing for the correct distribution, working, stance, and winding. The strain of the movie is uniform precisely, such as anxiety is too little, thinfilm foundation content is fatty, outside misregister; Tension is not too small, including starting content transverse shrinkage, shade isn’t secure, likewise difficult to normal publishing.

5. Expansion rate that is minimal the self adhesive stickers also has rust resistance, aging resistance, don’t disappear, the characteristics of shrinkage,. Such as easy aging poor rust resistance and fading, the tag is not made from tough, use and will also influence the product revenue. If the expansion and contraction rate is greater, the not merely influence affect revenue, the publishing overprint precision, can also create the name deformation in use process and use. Specifically highgrade products, should try to avoid the goods being ended, and tag has got the awkward predicament of aging (including plastic label aging and falling of ink). Essential to carry on the weight to aging experiment to manage brand or plastic, evaluating its efficiency.

6. The pick and purchase the adhesive ticket is inside the period of quality, retain good viscosity.