Polylepis forest in high altitude Ecuador - May 2009

I loved this place. We were well above the tree line and there was this little stand of Polylepis spp. It looked like something out of Middle Earth and had more moss and lichen diversity than I’d ever seen before.

So Polylepis trees are pretty cool. They are incredibly dense and live at high altitudes, often above the tree line.

Dendroaspis polylepis

Common name: black mamba


Found most commonly (rather wide-spread) in well-wooded low-lying savannahs of southern & eastern Africa, especially in area of rocky outcroppings, but not in true grassland, rain forest, or desert. Also frequents abandoned termite mounds, mammal burrows, & even thatched roofs; usually found at <1,500 m elevation.

Activity and Behavior

Mainly diurnal & mainly terrestrial, but also climbs trees rapidly & agilely in search of prey or shelter. Usually shy & elusive; moves off rapidly at first sign of danger. If cornered, may raise forepart of body from ground & spread narrow hood. If intruder persists, it can strike a long way out & up. Extremely fast, largest poisonous snake in Africa. Oviparous, 6-17 eggs/ clutch, eats various prey, mainly small mammals, birds, & other snakes.

Venom Characteristics

Most dreaded African venomous snake; few people survive its bite unless antivenom administered promptly. Vemon very potent neurotoxin & cardiotoxin, death usually due to respiratory failure. Can deliver a large amount (10 times estimated human LD50) in 1 bite. Envenomations w/ symptoms showing within 1 hour are serious. Usually starts w/ tightening of chest & throat muscles, then gradual paralysis of facial muscles.

Join me on a photo journey of the Polylepis Forest in Ecuador

Join me on a photo journey of the Polylepis Forest in Ecuador

 Join me on a photo journey of the Polylepis Forest in Ecuador

Ecuador is an incredibly diverse country, which despite its size comparable to the state of Colorado in the U.S.A.,  encompasses 4 very diverse regions. This diversity is due mainly to its location right in the Middle of the World and in the heart of the Andes cordillera.

The country has actually  10 percent of all of the planet’s…

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Eames is a solitary former detective and the FBI’s most successful unit chief on serial killers and assassins.

Unkempt in his personal life and disillusioned with his profession, this is his last case before he retires to his book royalties and criminology students.

It’s up to Eames to take a leap of faith in order to solve a case even more sinister than he could have ever imagined.

But can he trust the unhinged, hunter of men sitting across from him in the interrogation room or has Eames bitten off more than he can chew with this one?