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Once my new polycarb hoop gets to me… we will slow jam to this :)


I figured I made this so I’d include it, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this is probably the most dissatisfying project I’ve ever taken part in. I feel like it’s going to break whenever I turn my head.

The briefcase underneath the helmet, on the other hand, is damn cool. It’s two big polycarbonate boxes attached with hinges, it broke a while back and I’ve been meaning to fix it. Fun stuff.

Make your conservatory a conversation point

It’s not often you’ll hear the phrase ‘wow, what an amazing conservatory!’ They seem to have had a bad rap of late, probably as a result of some hastily assembled assorted polycarb carbuncles attached to the back of houses in the 80s with no thought for form or function. But that’s not fair when you look at the incredible range of exquisitely crafted orangeries, garden rooms and conservatories on…

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