auch mein Poloch wir von meiner Fickmaschine befreidigt lieber Mark!

Warum auch nicht für meine Porosette ist es wie für meinen Muschi ein herrlicher genuss die Ausdauer der Fickmaschine zu erleben auch das ist für uns beiden ein geiles erlebnis nicht jede Frau hat den Vorteil wenn sie Lust darauf hat gleich beide Lustöffnunge gleichzeitig befreidigt zu bekommen, mein Mann findet er sehr geil seinen Schwanz einfach nur ganz tief in meine Muschi zu stecken und dabei geniesen kann wie mein Poloch von der Maschine gefickt wird und dabei auch noch seinen Schwanz bis zum Abspritzen massiert und du glaubst nicht wie schön er dabei vor Lust schreien kann besonders wenn ich ihn mit meinen Beinen Fest Umklammert halte so das er seinen Unterleib nicht bewegen kann!

wir haben auch ohne einen Geilen Sex aber so ist er noch schöner noch länger und so schön gemein ich lasse mich gerne so fertig machen!

Ich sage mal nicht alle aber doch einige Frauen würden das mal gerne ausprobieren mit einer Fickmaschine Sex zu machen und ich denke das es fielen gefallen würde, leider haben nur die wenigsten Fraue den muht es zu sagen drüber zu schreiben und schon gar nicht zu ihrem Mann zu sagen ich würde es gerne mal erleben mit so einer Sexmaschine!

Und dabei wissen sie nicht was sie alles damit erleben könnten besonders wenn sie aleine zu hause sind!

liebe grüße von Tina an Mark

Juana Ikal, 50 and Manuel Lai, 53, outside their home in the Rio Frio community, Polochic valley, Guatemala. The family have lived here in emergency housing since early 2012, when they were evicted from their ancestral lands to make way for the planting of sugarcane crops.This family of farmers now have no land and are dependent on day labour to survive,  February, 2013. Photo: Alan Whelan/Trocaire. Watch their story. https://vimeo.com/trocaire/foodnotfuel

Three years after their eviction in Polochic Valley, 629 families are still waiting for justice

(via Oxfam)

Though the Government of Guatemala has returned land to 140 families unjustly evicted from the Polochic Valley nearly three years ago — thanks to your support! — 629 families are still waiting for their land.

On the third anniversary of the evictions, it is urgent to push the Guatemalan government and its president, Otto Perez Molina, to fulfill their commitments and return the land to the families. Only 30 of the families have actually been able to return to their lands, and plant and harvest. All the other families are still without their land, three years later.

People power pushes the Government

On Saturday, 19 October 2013, the Government of Guatemala returned land titles to 140 families, out of the original 769 evicted in March 2011. This achievement was the product of Vamos al Grano campaign, the GROW Campaign, and 107,000 people from 55 countries in the world that joined forces to push for justice. Thank you to all the people and organizations involved!

President Otto Perez Molina personally delivered the title to the first 140 families. Attending the ceremony were representatives of all communities evicted from Polochic Valley, members of the Peasant Unity Committee (CUC), other social organizations and members of Oxfam. In addition, 600 titles to other communities that are not part of the group of families evicted were delivered during the event.

This success demonstrates the importance of local partnerships in order to achieve national change, while still working on global advocacy.

The fight is not over, as 629 families are still waiting for justice. We will continue to push the government to fulfill its commitment to a worthy and comprehensive resettlement for all 769 families evicted, ensuring dignified transfer, food assistance, housing, productive projects and education and health services.

What happened in Polochic Valley?

On Monday 22 April 2013, the evicted families of Polochic Valley handed over the petition to the Guatemalan Minister of Agriculture. The Government subsequently stated that it intended to remedy the situation. It declared that the demands made by the peasant farmer organizations from Polochic were not only valid and legitimate, but that it supported them.

The 769 families had been violently evicted in March 2011 from land where they had always lived.

A report published by the United Nations in Guatemala supports the main demands of the peasant organizations in the country, and calls on the Government to stop forced evictions until there is legislation on this issue. The report also calls on the Government to honor the commitments made to the Polochic peasant farmers.

This is indeed a potentially major breakthrough! HudBay Minerals will have to appear in court to face charges for gang-rapes of eleven women, the murder of Adolfo Ich, and the shooting and paralyzing of German Chub. Last week we posted an Al-Jazeera documentary about how mining companies prefer to settle out of court in order to avoid any public discussion of their crimes and potential trouble with the law. It seems that in this case, for once, victims of Canadian mining companies will get their day in court! Follow this link to read the full story. 

These events took place in the Polochic region of Guatemala. The Polochic is a fertile valley close to the Caribbean coastal region. The area is being carved out by various corporations for palm oil, sugar cane, and teak production. On the outskirts of the valley, where the land becomes hilly, mining companies are staking out claims and others are looking how to dam rivers for hydroelectric production. The indigenous communities who live there are under attack from all sides: mining, agribusiness, energy production, etc. A Los Despojados feature on the situation in the Polochic is in the works, but is still a long ways away!


magst platz nehmen???

Ich weis noch nicht!

Meine Muschi möchte erst mal sehen was du für sie zu bieten hast!

Sie kommt erst so richtig in wallung wenn der Süße stengel seinen Spermasaft zeigt und dann ist noch die Frage ob ich dich in die Geile Grotte rein lasse und nicht mit meinem Poloch auf deinen Schwanz steigen möchte

Aber als erstes wollen meine Süßen warmen löcher mal sehen ob du auch genug von dem Geilen Spermasaft für sie hast?

liebe grüße von tina

The Guatemalan government has finally announced an official date: on September 15th, 158 landless families in Guatemala’s Polochic valley will be relocated on plots of land purchased with government funds. While this sounds like good news, it’s been a long time coming and it still falls short of expectations. A total of 769 indigenous Maya Kekchí families were evicted from their lands in March 2011.

After a giant protest was organized in March 2012, the first anniversary of the evictions, the government promised to solve the conflict by resettling the families using state funds. Another year of stalling went by and the government announced this summer it would resettle 300 families in September and the remainder in two other phases in December 2013 and early 2014. However, it now appears only 158 out of the first batch of 300 will get access to land. The rest of the 769 families are still supposed to get resettled by early 2014 but given the government’s penchant for broken promises, we shouldn’t raise our hopes too much. It also remains to be seen whether the newly resettled peasant families will be able to benefit from state support to agricultural production and marketing as part of the proposed Integral Rural Development Law that has been stalled in Congress.

Read More

Watch on losdespojados.tumblr.com

UPDATE! Ontario court rules that lawsuits against Hudbay Minerals regarding shootings, murder and gang-rape at its former mine in Guatemala can proceed to trial in Canada

From the Choc vs. HudBay website: 

As a result of this ruling, Canadian mining corporations can no longer hide behind their legal corporate structure to abdicate responsibility for human rights abuses that take place at foreign mines under their control at various locations throughout the world [emphasis in original]. There will now be a trial regarding the abuses that were committed in Guatemala, and this trial will be in a courtroom in Canada, a few blocks from Hudbay’s headquarters, exactly where it belongs.

To read the full press advisory by Klippensteins Barristers & Solicitors, click here

This case fill be a part of a forthcoming Los Despojados documentary on the Polochic valley conflicts in Guatemala. 


Ich wollte nur meine Muschi wieder schön blank machen!

der Rasierschaum war so schön glitschig das steckten doch plötzlich meine Finger in der Muschi und in dem kleinen Poloch.

Representatives from the 14 indigenous communities that had been evicted from their homes in March of 2011 reported that among the  community members, 6 out of 10 children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition, and two out of every 100 adults suffers from acute malnutrition.  Additionally, more than half of the population does not have access to health services. This data was gathered by the Ixim Rural Studies Collective, which also reported economic and social rights violations. President Otto Pérez Molina made a commitment that the 800 families that were displaced would receive land. He claimed that the first group of 300 families will receive their land by September 15th.

- Guatemala Human Rights Commission

For some background info on the events in the Polochic valley, try these short articles :
No More Evictions! by Lazar Konforti and Joanna Cabello
Sons and Daughters of the Earth by Alberto Alonso-Fradejas


Hi Tina, so abgebunden darfst du ihn wie dein Spielzeug stundenlang reiten … oder was du sonst damit anstellen willst :)

Ein Schmuckstück so schön abgebunden das Warme Sperma aus seinem Schwanz würde mir jetzt auf meiner geile Muschi besser gefallen wie der Finger von meinem Mann in meinem Poloch!

Zeig mal meiner geilen spalte deinen geilen Spermasaft

grüße von tina  

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Last week we released a new documentary about struggles for land in the Polochic Valley in eastern Guatemala. By showing stories about agribusiness and mining, the film shows how the struggle for land is not limited to one industry nor is it driven by exclusively foreign capital. However, if you’d like to learn more about the HudBay Minerals case that was featured in the film, we recommend full-length documentary Defensora: The Film (check out the trailer above).

Defensora is a documentary about a Mayan Q’eqchi’ resistance against mining in Guatemala. The story is set along the shores of Lake Izabal in the community of El Estor where a nickel mining company has operated for over 50 years. Tensions run high against a backdrop of pro and anti-mining camps, violence and forced evictions. The film takes audiences into the lives of defenders in the resistance who struggle to reclaim their ancestral lands and seek justice in Canadian courts for alleged human rights violations. 

For more information, visit the official website

Jetzt habe ich fast drei Wochen darauf gewartet!

Heute ist er endlich gekommen mein neues Spielzeug ein schöner geiler Männertorso mit einen Wirklich geilen und großen Schwanz für mein kleines immer geiles Poloch und der ist wirklich sehr geil!

Am liebsten hätte ich ihn sofort ausprobiert aber ausgerechnet an diesem Wochenende ist mein Mann zu hause so ein blöder misst sag ich das nur!

Aber freut euch darauf ich werde von meinen ersten Ritt mit meinen Neuen Spielzeug einen schöne Video für euch machen!

Grüße von eurer Tina

Acusan raso del Cesfront por muerte haitiano

Un raso del Ejercito de la República Dominicana fue sometido el viernes a la justicia acusado de matar a un haitiano el pasado mes de octubre en Dajabón, próximo a una banca de loterías.

Se trata de Wilson Marte Morillo (Buquí) quien está adscrito al Cuerpo Especializado de Seguridad Fronteriza Terrestre (CESFRONT) acusado de ser el principal sospechoso de la muerte del extranjero Luis Bendo Pie de 18 años quien fue asesinado de un disparo próximo a una banca de lotería, ubicada en la calle Beller esquina Respaldo Sabana Larga.

El haitiano había cruzado desde Juana Méndez y fue tiroteado la noche del 30 de octubre, desde el interior de un carro color blanco cuando conversaba con sus ocupantes. El extranjero fue herido de bala en el costado derecho y su deceso se produjo en el interior de la banca de apuestas donde buscó refugió.

El viernes en horas de la mañana miembros de las Policía en compañía del Ministerio Público realizaron un allanamiento en la residencia del raso Marte Morillo donde fue ocupado un poloché de poliéster gris, que según testigos el militar vestía la noche del asesinato del haitiano.

La vestimenta fue enviada al Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses (Inacif) de esta ciudad para ser examinado y con relación al arma homicida aún no ha sido recuperada.

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