The Terrorist, the Herdsman, the Emir and the Bishop

Victo Ngai

This illustration is for the latest issue of Liberty Magazine on religious liberty in Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the most religious divided countries in the world - with 50% of the population being Muslims and 40% being Christians. The essay “The Terrorist, the Herdsman, the Emir and the Bishop” gives a historical account on how the British Colonization played a huge role in bringing about this conflict. 

The missionaries introduced Christianity to the poor and malarial south; while the officials were “hopelessly biased in favor of the feudal Emirs of the North” and they came to the region with “a romantic passion for Islam and for polo-playing.” 

Huge thanks to Bryan Gray, a fantastic AD who’s always a pleasure to work with and a great designer who always make my art look good with gorgeous layouts.

Also hot off the presses, I am very happy to share the news that this piece got into the Society of Illustrators NY Annual Show 57!