Do you believe Destiel is the ship of 2014? Then let’s prove it! :)

MTV is hosting their first annual “Fandom Awards” and Dean and Castiel are 1 of only 5 couples nominated in their shipping category (‘Ship Of The Year 2014). According to the main MTV page, the awards will be broadcasted on television.

Imagine millions of people tuning into to MTV and seeing Destiel!

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Remember that voting is unlimited. Simply click the “Vote” button as much as you can. You can also set your browser to private (or “incognito” on Chrome) so that your computer is not storing your voting history.

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According to twitter analytics, this poll has been shared 1000+ times by “Damon and Elena” supporters, 300+ times by “Stiles and Derek” supporters, and 250+ times by “Dean and Castiel” supporters. Using this to see where we stand we’d be in 3rd place and we want to be in 1st!

Pro Tip: When voting, you can save the link as a bookmark on your toolbar. Every few minutes, close your voting tab and open a new one. Doing this under private/incognito browsing will refresh the site completely, making sure all your votes count. Continue to vote, then refresh, as much as you can!

Since this poll has unlimited voting, voting just once or twice isn’t enough. Help us by voting as much as you can for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.

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for everything.

Last days were really difficult for Destiel fans. We don’t know if our ship will work or not, many of us lost our hope. But you know what? I want to thank Misha and Jensen anyway.

Because when I’m sad I’m watching beautiful Destiel fanvids or Cockles panels. Because thanks to them I found something I’m passionate about, I found people who like the same things as me. When something bad happens in our fandom, I know that I’m not alone, I’ve always someone to talk to and I know that I can call them my friends. Thanks to Destiel I learnt a few things about other people and about myself, I think twice now before I speak or judge others.

So yes - I want to thank Jensen and Misha for it, they deserve all the awards and Misha deserves to be invited to PCA Ceremony! And we, as fans, deserve this award too. We showed everyone this year that we’re the best, we won every single poll we were in. This is new challenge for us and I know that we can do it.

If you still have hope for Destiel - vote for them!

If not - do something beautiful at the end of your journey with Destiel :)

Please, go here, write “Dean & Castiel" (important, we have to write the same version!) and vote!




Misha Collins’ charity Random Acts have had €25,000 donated to it, and Jensen’s charity The Downs Syndrome Guild of Dallas winning October’s vote - we have really come through for their chosen charities.

On November 5th, 2011, Jared tweeted: “Can I have 195000 moments of silence 4 a great dog who lost his battle with cancer today? R. I. P. Harley. We’re better for having known you” (x) — I can’t think of a better way to honour both the memory of Jared’s beloved pet and his chosen charity than to make November Jared’s month to win The Billie Challenge.

A Dog’s Life Rescue is “a not for profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected dogs and other animals by providing them with shelter, care, and rehabilitation both medically and emotionally.” (x)


We are losing!

Please vote for Destiel in  Zimbio’s March Madness poll!

You can vote multiple times, but make sure to use

  • CTRL + SHIFT + N in Chrome to open Incognito Mode, or
  • CTRL + SHIFT + P in Mozzila to open new private window.

Then paste this link in URL bar:

Vote, close the browser, open it again & repeat the process!



Have you ever wondered how Destiel wins every poll?

Below is a list of 100+ incredibly passionate, dedicated Destiel shippers who stay up all night to vote for Destiel and helped us get our ship into the Zimbio finals. These are the same people that made sure Destiel was the undefeated champion of 2013 and are helping us stay strong in 2014.

This is a special shout-out to them! :)

Click on their URL to follow. I added direct links to make this very easy!

[Complete List Under the Cut]

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Thank You Destiel/SPN Fandom and Good Night!


Dean/Cas = 56,034                         Lauren/Bo = 55,508

You beautiful lovelies!  Good god you support your ship and fandom SO HARD.  To come from so far behind and everything….  I’m gushing.  I just can’t with all your awesomeness. 

Keep Showing Derek your Love, Vote for TV’s Most Lovable Monster













Amazing Man?


So Vote show your love and how this is the most amazing Fandom!

Let’s Win another  one for Derek :D, send a message too that Derek is super important to us :)