For Virginia Republicans, it is another pitiful example of the lengths they will go to to deny the Medicaid expansion. Governor McAuliffe has continued to fight for the health and well-being of his state’s citizens while state Republicans have shown their true colors by playing petty politics with people’s lives. It is a sad and disgusting display, but it comes as no surprise as to what the Republican Party is in the year 2014. The party has become one so vindictive that they will go to any length to ensure that Democrats don’t win elections, even if those lengths include the pain, suffering, and ultimate death of fellow American citizens.

Sarah Palin was right. There are death panels associated with the Affordable Care Act. And these death panels are administered by state Republicans who would rather make a political statement than keep their state’s citizens alive and healthy.

The fact is, due to the high number of poor people in Mississippi, if the state agreed to expand Medicaid, over 300,000 residents would become immediately eligible. That would almost certainly bring down the uninsured numbers in the state. While the majority of red Southern states have declined to participate in the expansion, the ones that have seen huge decreases in the uninsured rates in their states. Kentucky, which also create its own state exchange, has seen its rate drop to 8.95%. It was previously at 17.3%. Arkansas has gone from 20.87% to 13.77% while West Virginia has seen a huge difference with the rate down to 6.59% after being at 17.34%

However, in states like Mississippi and Texas, the governors and Republican-dominated legislatures would rather obstruct and prevent their residents from receiving health coverage. Why? Because they hate the man currently occupying the White House. Of course, it plays well to their ‘base,’ who will support the GOP due to their own prejudices, even as they vote and act out against their own self-interests. I guess it is better to be poor, bitter and bigoted than accept anything from a Democratic black man.

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yeah i eat sheets of steel and shards of broken glass especially when bored lol

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Ship meme: Dante/Lena

Who is louder?

Lena, by far.

Who is more experimental? 

Probably Dante, quiet people seem to be a little bit more outgoing behind closed doors.
Who takes more risks? 

I think they’re pretty much equal.

Do they fuck or make love?

I think in the start, it would be fucking- just because. But as time went on it would turn more and more into making love.

Lights on or off? 

Both- Lena likes looking someone in the eyes ;] But sometimes off can be romantic.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  

Dunno. Lena doesn’t masturbate, and Idk about Dante.

Who comes first? 

Generally is more pollite to let the girl come first, but if Dante can’t keep up, it’s understandable ;D

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 

Lena LOVES giving head. But We’ll have to see.

Who is more submissive? 

Lena, by far, she can take charge out side and in public, but only if she needs to. Once it gets behind closed doors, she’s a little bitch.

Who usually initiates things? 

I think it would be about equal.

Who is more sensitive?

Hmmmmm. Dunno o-o