reindeerhorns asked:

(all i know right now is that bubblebetty and pollipops kid would have the greatest afro in sugar rush like im talking bigger than snowannas)

yes they would

maybe they’ll be based on cotton candy or something?

like…my sugar rush name generation is really rusty lol. like flossie cottoncloud, or a much better name

citrusella-flugpucker asked:

((Bubblebetty and... whoever you ship her with? XD Or the Vans in the mirror >:D))

ask reindeerhorns for the bubblebetty/pollipop squishchild, i am not prepared for that level of headcanon

Nell + Mirror Vanna =

  • Name: Vanellope “Vaneline” von Schweetz
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Vaneline looks like Vanellope, except that she wears a gray and mint tunic and racing slacks set, has her hair in three ponytails, and a string of mint pearls instead of a choker.
  • Personality: Vaneline is more curious than Alice and twice as nonchalant about the fantastic and dangerous world behind the mirror. Often traveling between the two sides and taking extensive travelogues about the mundane and mind blowing, Vaneline can’t be bothered to take an interest in racing, since so many details are lost in the speed blur.
  • Special Talents: Vaneline excels in sketching and drawing, which is very useful in her travelogues and notes. She also is a master of not blinking, which she uses to unnerve annoying people for her enjoyment.
  • Who they like better: If she had to choose between the two, Vaneline would save Nell from death; Mirror Vanna is an ideal, a wonderful mother and guide…but Nell is a mistake, a murder victim from a different era, and represents all the gray areas that Vaneline wants to explore.
  • Who they take after more: She is a lot like Nell in her unnatural stillness and cryptic speech, but her 100% confidence is definitely from Mirror Vanna
  • Personal Head canon: Vaneline’s unique character data allows her to spend endless time on either side of the mirror without conversion; she often goes to other Sugar Rush mirrors to gather stories for Mirror Vann and Nell who can never leave their home.
  • Face Claim: i am the last person to ask for this