Oliver & Felicity need you!

Oliver and Felicity are facing some tough challenges, and I’m not talking about Ra’s al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn or wanna-be heroes in super suits :P There are two polls that have our favorite Green Archer and his favorite IT girl going up against other TV couples and they need your vote.

2015’s TV Top Couple Tournament (Round 2) Voting for this round closes

TODAY, March 4 at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, with the Sweet 16 kicking off on Thursday morning.

2015 TV Couples March Madness (Round 1) Voting ends Monday, March 9 at 9 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Hey, thecwarrow and marcguggenheim, how about some help spreading the word in support of our amazing couple?




Last February 27, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu revealed the final results for the anime’s character popularity poll in their official Twitter account and the anime’s official website. On February 26, ranks 11-15 were revealed. The top 3 characters will be having a mini poster and a character ……

Read more: http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/41136/ansatsu-kyoushitsus-character-popularity-poll-revealed/

Cheese and crackers! Who the fuck cares if haters are voting against Captain Swan? And why care? #1, you can’t stop them, so getting your knickers in a twist over it will do no good and #2, IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER. They’ve done it before. Many times. This is nothing new. And, like I said yesterday, they’re the pathetic ones for spending their time on such a thing, so let them be pathetic and don’t give them the satisfaction of you giving a damn what they do.

Because these are just meaningless polls that accomplish, literally, nothing. 

Polls. Are not. Important. 

Stop treating them like they are, worrying over them, and you’ll be much happier, I’m sure.

Love our ship, yes. Support our ship, yes. But don’t let one-upping such ridiculous haters be your motivation to vote. Let them waste their time on pointless crap. Don’t waste yours


Guys, there’s little time left and we’re losing our advantage again. We REALLY need all the votes (you can vote more than once so vote repeatedly if you have the time). I usually don’t care about polls, but knowing that the anti-CSers are most likely trying to bring us down makes me really want to win this.

Head over here and vote as many times as you possibly can!

Provisory results of my little poll. Please take into account that this was only based off of the 33 answers that I got so far which is NOT ENOUGH to make a real poll especially when you have a population of about 2000 people (based on the most popular posts in the clexa tag) to analyse. You can find the poll here: http://goo.gl/forms/zDtS6eRH2X
It’s only one question long so go ahead ;)
But as we could predict it, a lot of people became interested in the 100 after it went into LGBT territory.

Who will win?

The Contestants:

  1. Morning Glory Delight by simblrofthecoolestgirl
  2. Mint Leaf Oasis by thatgirlwithsims
  3. Azura Frost by redvixensims
  4. Willow Glade by rayscho
  5. Pluto Wave by pushingupplumbobs
  6. charitysims
  7. simlishlegacy
  8. plushieplumbobs
  9. fangirlofmanyfandoms532
  10. apileofpixels

[To be updated in the future with poll links and such!]


Help Asami and Korra pick their Wedding Dresses!

It’s getting closer to the big day and we’d like to hear your opinion on wedding dresses! Vote on your favorites at our poll :D The winning dresses will be featured on auroralynne's piece on the wedding day.

Now, to the dresses:

Asami Dress 1 - Classic Beauty

With a classic cut inspired by Asami’s original designs form the show, this dress is charming and feminine.

Korra Dress 1 - Water Tribe Princess

This dress’s major inspiration was the Southern Water Tribe, and it’s a mix of natural fabrics with details in fur and leather.

Asami Dress 2 - Republic City Chic

This dress was inspired by Republic City’s nightlife. It’s luxurious and has a highly detailed back.

Korra Dress 2 - Metal Goddess

Inspired by Temperley’s Goddess Dress, this dress has rich metal details that accentuate the arms and back.

Asami Dress 3 - Romance

This dress is made of lace and is the most romantic of all three. It has soft curves and beautiful flower details.

Korra Dress 3 - Elemental Queen

This dress has a highly detailed top and is adorned with gold chains and a fur line. The neck and skirt are embroidered in Water Tribe themes.

Each person can pick two options (one for Korra and one for Asami). The poll closes on January 10th, and on the 11th the piece featuring the winning dresses will be published.

Art by auroralynne

Have fun!