Should I?

I have accumulated 4,400 followers now. So I must ask you guys, should I bring this blog back to Fallout only content and open a new page for retro gaming gifs? I plan to make quite a few more gifs and I want to make sure that people who follow this blog are getting what they want. So should Wastelandporn go back to Fallout only or should I just keep posting everything I make on my one main blog? Even if you just skim my posts most the time I really want to know your opinion, there are at least 4,000 of you, so lets hear your voice please.

Are genetically modified foods safe to eat? Are humans mostly to blame for climate change? Should vaccines be required? Scientists overwhelmingly answer “yes” to all questions. But the American people don’t agree, according to a survey of thousands of scientists and adults in the United States. Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center unpacks the results, while Tim O’Brien of the University of Evansville talks about how religious adults view science.

Given the large divide between scientists and the public, is it possible to shift public opinion on controversial scientific issues? Today at 2pm ET, Michael LaCour of UCLA discusses his work on changing voters’ minds about LGBT issues, and whether a similar tactic might work for scientific issues.

This debate isn’t new. For example, in this archival clip from SciFri in 2008, infectious disease specialist Paul Offit talks to a caller about whether or not vaccines can harm children.

Friday Fast Poll: What Was Your First & Last Smartphone Game?

Hello there!  Friday Fast Tip Poll time!  We’ve talked a lot about games this week on Growing Up Last and it got me thinking: A smartphone wouldn’t be complete without a little fun thrown in, right?  So, now is the time to share!

What is the first and last game you downloaded to your phone?

According to my Google Play All Apps history (click the your Play Store icon, swipe right in the app, open My Apps, and click the All Apps tab).  I see the first game I downloaded was Awesome Video Poker! and the last game was Monument Valley.  I played that poker game forever (through two different phones), but have not installed on my most recent device.  I have yet to open Monument Valley, but from what I hear it is addicting and beautiful.  If you have an iOS device you can search your apps downloaded/purchased via the iTunes App Store.

Shoot, who has time for games with kiddos in the house?  Nah!  Just kidding, there’s always time for a little fun and games.

Happy Friday Night Game Night!

Noah, theramblingark


So here are all the baby mamas + Vasyl because I wanted them together but…I thought it’d be better to do a poll >:) 
Elsa, Milla, Minette, Taizen, Cliff(who ive never actually shown for some reason lmao), and lovely Vasyl are in order and they’re all super cute so idc who ends up with Vidal as long as its Vasyl - I mean. Oh if Vidals hand beats out all of these dorks, I get to make him a new simmy so c,:

Hi, fellow elvhenan fans

Remember me saying that we need to create a blog for us the dalish elves fans? A safe place for discussions, theories, fanart, fanfics - a place where we could simply express and embrace our love and adoration of the free-roaming elves?

Well, if we do create such a blog we need first of a name

~Viva-la-dalish and me created a poll with eleven names and explanations from which you can choose one. The voting will last for a week, maybe a bit longer if there will be no enough votes

Here it is

Please vote if you’re interested, we value your opinion


Tattoo lovers…I want your opinion!  Tomorrow I’m going in for more work on my sleeve.  The plan has been to add color to the top portion which is currently all black and gray as above.  The bottom half of my arm is all color…dahlia’s on the top and a watercolor with song lyrics on the underside. 

I’m really torn about adding color to the top.  I have several pansies wrapping around from my elbow up and we plan to add color to those.  I’m thinking maybe just a couple of those and leave everything else alone. 



Help Asami and Korra pick their Wedding Dresses!

It’s getting closer to the big day and we’d like to hear your opinion on wedding dresses! Vote on your favorites at our poll :D The winning dresses will be featured on auroralynne's piece on the wedding day.

Now, to the dresses:

Asami Dress 1 - Classic Beauty

With a classic cut inspired by Asami’s original designs form the show, this dress is charming and feminine.

Korra Dress 1 - Water Tribe Princess

This dress’s major inspiration was the Southern Water Tribe, and it’s a mix of natural fabrics with details in fur and leather.

Asami Dress 2 - Republic City Chic

This dress was inspired by Republic City’s nightlife. It’s luxurious and has a highly detailed back.

Korra Dress 2 - Metal Goddess

Inspired by Temperley’s Goddess Dress, this dress has rich metal details that accentuate the arms and back.

Asami Dress 3 - Romance

This dress is made of lace and is the most romantic of all three. It has soft curves and beautiful flower details.

Korra Dress 3 - Elemental Queen

This dress has a highly detailed top and is adorned with gold chains and a fur line. The neck and skirt are embroidered in Water Tribe themes.

Each person can pick two options (one for Korra and one for Asami). The poll closes on January 10th, and on the 11th the piece featuring the winning dresses will be published.

Art by auroralynne

Have fun!

What the hell did you listen to this year?

We surveyed a panel of music bloggers to narrow down the best albums, songs and videos from 2014. Now it’s your turn to bring this home and create the final list. Please go here and take a few minutes to pick your favs. If you don’t see yours in the drop-down, just write it in.

You have until Thursday, December 18, to make a difference before 3000 closes the poll and goes back to wearing normal clothes. 

To recap, here’s what you picked in 2013 (hint: no repeats this year). 

Tell your friends.

(GIF by joshlafayette)



We’ve seen him do SO much in season 9 and 10. He put his heart and soul into creating this dark side of Dean and took home some of Dean’s depressive state just to provide the best content he could. 

He directed the first episode that he essentially introduced a new character and absolutely killed it- every bit of that episode was amazing.

Jensen does not receive as much recognition as we all know he deserves. He definitely deserves to be nominated for a Golden Globe (and to win).

So we all gotta get our clicking done and vote Jensen for the CW Actor Who Is Most Deserving of a Nomination.

Please reblog to spread the word so we can win this poll, and maybe it’ll help bring him some of the attention and recognition that he deserves. xx

More white people than ever think police aren’t racist 

The new attention to the impunity with which the police can kill young black men has elicited concern from huge swathes of the public and even conservative icons like Sen. Rand Paul and George W. Bush. But a Washington Post round-up of polls suggests that white America’s faith in the police to treat people of different races equally is on the rise.

The End of the Year TV Award Winners

To celebrate another year of TV awesomeness, we wanted your help. Actors and writers and directors get their chance at recognition and accolades, deservedly so, but we think the best of the best fictional people on television need to be honored as well. You nominated your favorites, you spread the word, and you hit the polls. From Biggest Badass to Favorite Would-Be Couple, you argued for your picks and helped determine our winners.


In a field stacked with vigilantes, warriors, and men and women above, below, and untethered from the law, one badass emerged triumphant. His name? Dean Winchester. His profession? Hunter of demons, spirits, and all manner of malevolent creatures. Yup, that’s pretty badass. 

Dean Winchester, Supernatural: 27% [x]

51% of Americans support torture — here’s why

The horrors detailed in the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report released last week have not swayed most Americans’ opinion on its morality. A Pew poll conducted in the days after the report was made public reveals that a majority of Americans believe the CIA’s interrogation practices after 9/11 were justified.  

Among those polled, 51% said the methods were justified, while 29% believed it wasn’t and 20% said they didn’t know. A majority (56%) also believed that those methods provided intelligence that prevented terror attacks. A narrow plurality (43%) said the decision to release the report was the wrong decision.

It’s all in the framing