Remember that advice on tumblr should always be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a lot of stuff on here that’s pretty fucking condescending with regards to How To Handle Your Mentally Ill Friends, and when not condescending, often urging friends to take on the role of therapist. 

Be supportive. Listen to your friends’ experiences. Look into effective ways to deal with people who have depression/anxiety/etc but remember your own boundaries are important. Compassion fatigue exists. Do not neglect yourself because you’re too busy trying to hold up a drowning friend who needs professional help.

Remember that mental illness should be met with compassion, but it is not an excuse for people to treat you like shit either. Getting stuck in a really shitty place because someone is dependent on you for their emotional well being is horrible. Be kind, but be safe.

Seeing as how some venting from friends has unearthed ancient drama, all I’m gonna say here is if anyone was actually sorry they would’ve apologized in the… 3+ years since shit went down instead of mooning about how people need to forgive them for their mistakes while never addressing or admitting to what they fucked up on, or even apologizing.

You earn forgiveness by taking responsibility, something that never happened and still hasn’t. I’ve had other friendships go to shit over much, much worse, and get worked out in a healthy and responsible way because the people in the wrong admitted to what they did and put the effort into making amends without expecting or demanding forgiveness.

Making a vaguepost about how you’re sorry about past mistakes isn’t an apology lol that’s you being a martyr and stewing in your regrets and self pity for fucking up. Perpetuating the same behavior that happened years ago doesn’t show any self awareness, growth, or sincerity. I’m sure we’re all different people but i’m sad to see this shit hasn’t changed at all.

My entire dash: *laughs at benedict cumberbatch being a weird alien lookin pasty white dude*

My entire dash: *is obsessed with Solas*

raises eyebrows

I’d prefer if people didn’t reblog this but it’s important to me to point this out.

Someone being a shitty person and friend is not the same as someone being abusive and if you frame what is clearly personal issues among you and your (ex)friend as an abuse call out you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you feel the need to defend yourself against shit talking publicly, go for it. But don’t thrown in accusations of gaslighting when you don’t even know what it means. Don’t say THIS PERSON IS *POTENTIALLY* ABUSIVE. What you’re saying is they’re an asshole but were not abusive, but you’re gonna smear them as MAYBEEE THEY COULD BEEE because then tumblr will flip out and pay attention to you.

Abuse is a serious problem and it’d be cool if people didn’t just use abuse narratives as framing structures to their non abusive relationships to seem more valid about complaining about their obviously fucked up friends. Abuse survivors deal with enough, don’t fucking belittle this shit.

I hesitate to even make this post because i don’t like shitting on the experiences of someone else as invalid. The intent of this post is not to say you should endure any shitty treatment from anyone regardless of if it is abuse or not. Please -if you suspect someone may be abusing you, confide in someone you trust. It can be extremely hard to even understand what you’re going through because of how abusive relationships work. Even if you are not being abused, if someone is treating you like shit, you deserve better.

There’s a lot of unhappy sentiments on here towards LGBTA+ allies for good reason, but honestly a lot of what I see on here about abuse and supporting those who have been abused comes across very similarly to me. I’ve seen people use it publicly to make themselves look better, but in private spaces ignore abuse they were aware of because it was inconvenient and they decided it wasn’t a problem. So i really don’t appreciate seeing posts using abuse narratives for attention when people who are actually abused get ignored and told they deserved what happened to them or are making it up.

Does anyone have recs for online serial fiction?

Not fanfic please, i mean any ongoing or finished original fiction works. One shots are fine but I’d prefer serial works, like gogglesque’s starlingstory, or wildbow’s Worm. I started Pact but am burnt out on wildbow’s pacing, so it’s on hold for now.

I will give any stories a shot but have a preference for thoughtful & relevant worldbuilding, a focus on interpersonal relationships/conflicts, and politics. Science fiction and fantasy of varying types are my favorite. I don’t have a problem with fictional situations that are morally questionable or reprehensible as long as they aren’t blatantly romanticized, and do not require trigger warnings.

Feel free to plug yourself if you’re writing something, I’m not going to judge anyone for not being humble enough. I want to read your work.

Let's start over

Hi, you guys probably know me as Polks. You’re also free to call me by my given name, Sarah, but either is fine. My text tag is #polkswords so feel free to savior that if you don’t want to see those. I’ll be using #polksart for drawings/paintings/sketches/the like from now on. I’m not the best about getting back to messages all the time, but you’re free to send me asks/fanmail/submit things. Thanks for following, I know some of you have been here quite a while and it’s always nice to have you!

1653 asked:

What is the synopsis of a story that you really want to write or draw? I want to know about your stuff! (Also I love your art ofc!!!)

At this point there is only one story that I really want to create and share with other people as a completed product. Ideally, Yami and I will make it into a webcomic of some sort, but we have to work a lot out first before we get to it.

The premise is a morally ambiguous pseudo romantic comedy, centered around two guys named James and Hugh. James is a successful businessman/violent murderer who ends up befriending Hugh by accident, when he violently murders him only to find out Hugh has this habit of not staying dead. Luckily Hugh takes being murdered in stride, as he’s immortal and a bit of a masochist. Shenanigans ensue. It’s supposed to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek black comedy about terrible people being terrible to each other.

there was some OC ASK MEME on my dash that seemed interesting so i just filled it out instead of doing it ask meme style. Honestly it just seemed fun, and I don’t really talk about my characters bc I’m a huge weenie lol

SORRY IF UR ON MOBILE, otherwise it’s behind the cut.

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i’m in transformers hell reading MTMTE and once i wrap up the dark cybertron arc, gonna try to draw. Unsurprisingly i will probably draw transformers. I know there’s at least 4 people who follow me who also love this series and that is all i need for encouragement, so i am gonna be generous and ask for transformers suggestions/requests??

RE:webcomic questions

You guys had a lot of helpful answers so I figure I’ll compile them together so other people can read them too! They were all really helpful, especially Ama whose answer was thorough as hell. Thank you all so much! :>> (The more personal encouragement responses are at the bottom with replies.)

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astroize asked:

9 and 12!

9.  Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?

If it was an old character i was no longer doing anything with nor planned to, maybe. KINDA BURNED ON THIS bc i let some folks use characters of mine in a private setting of theirs before as secondary characters and this led them to think they had free reign to use my characters for stuff all the time, as i found out later from other people. Fuckin rude, man. and i’ve already talked about the time elena wrote a fic where she broke up ashley and jonas and had ashley have a baby with her oc. so yeah, uh. no thanks.

12.  Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot

This is hard bc i’m a creep and love other ppl’s characters from the sidelines lol… so i’ll stick to yami and kels’ since i do stuff with them and it wouldn’t be weird. My beautiful wife Ted Haseyama and the inexplicable Colin Cooper

moriment asked:


31.  Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

Ok i’ll do another one of these. I know i’ve mentioned this before but Ashley would have a Self Help blog and keep it up for months accruing life hack shit/etc, before showing his true colors and putting in stuff like “mix bleach and ammonia for extra powerful cleaning chemicals :)”