Here’s A Map Showing Just How Corrupt Your State’s Politicians Are

Here’s A Map Showing Just How Corrupt Your State’s Politicians Are

We all know politicians are as corrupt as they come, but being able to prove it is a different story. However, by looking at solid and verifiable statistics, we can determine which state has the most corrupt politicians in the country and which ones seem to contain the more honest variety.

The Data Lab at FiveThirtyEightcompiled a list, which was then turned into a map, of the most corrupt…

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Surprise! America’s elected officials are blindingly white and male

White men make up just 31% of the American population, but hold 65% of public elected offices, according to a jarring new study released by the Reflective Democracy Campaign, a project of the Women Donors Network. Women, despite comprising more than half the population, fill only 29% of the 42,000 local, state and national offices surveyed.

The race ratio is even worse. | Follow micdotcom


Portraits of four Pennsylvania lawmakers that hang in the State Capitol building in Harrisburg will now indicate they were convicted of a crime.

“There was a question: ‘Do you remove the portraits or do you do something else?’” said Stephen Miskin, a spokesman for House Speaker Sam Smith, a Republican from Punxsutawney. “You can’t change history, whether you like it or not. There was a feeling you should keep the portraits out there and let people make up their own mind.”

The lawmakers’ criminal activity will now be inscribed on a plaque that identifies their portraits, and is a result of several members concern over what to do following the two most recent convictions in 2011 and 2012.


Whats Happening in Mexico. Why we say #YaMeCanse

Please, if your language is English, please, watch this. This is a part of everything that Mexico is suffering…