Safe Across the Road by Greater Manchester Police on Flickr.

An officer of Manchester City Police escorts children across the cobbles of Cavendish Street in Manchester back in 1913.

This Mike Brown Story is sickening. For those that don’t know, the cops shot an 17 year old kid because they suspected he stole candy from a store. They shot him 10 times, killing him, then leaving his body in the streets for hours. People from the community protest and rally against the cops and what do they do? Bring military weapons out and police K9’s. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that police dogs were for sniffing drugs, no? This is crazy. This is what modern day genocide looks like. There is no article on it as of yet, why? Cause Amerikkka don’t care about brown boys and girls. The fact that one has to learn this from twitter says it all. Again, this is modern day genocide. White people are always the quickest ones to defend the cops because they’re not on the receiving end of this bullshit. Telling black people “don’t give the police a reason to fuck with yo black ass” is up there with telling women “don’t wear provocative clothes so you won’t get rapped.” The worst part about all of this is that A: this boy was schedule to start his freshman year of college this upcoming Monday and B: those cops are going to get away with it. John Crawford, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Andy Cruz, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, Darius Simmons, Johnathan Ferrell Trayvon Martin… when does it end? #MikeBrown #Ferguson #Missouri #PoliceBrutality #Cops #YoungBlackTeen #Genocide

moffat’s companions’ lives are all so strangely ungrounded in reality and i think it’s a good example of his very weak writing. in day of the doctor we see clara teaching - no explanation, no mention of it in the episode, and no build up to it. although obviously this was a (really lovely actually) nod to canon, it’s not the first time this has happened; amy just “became” a model in one episode and was never shown like this again (after her first job was as a kissogram). it’s impossible to imagine this happening with any of russell t davies’ companions, who all had lives incredibly minutely planned out; rose and mickey found their path to success obstructed by class boundaries and working manually, donna worked a succesion of uninspiring office jobs and even well off martha was shown physically working very hard to achieve her medical degree.

this ability to skip through professions as well as change locations and dump family just grounds the idea that moffat’s companions are strange, non-human, undeveloped creatures. their lives, trials and tribulations don’t matter outside of the doctor, and it’s like they’re a succession of barbie dolls; “i can be a model! i can be a teacher! i can be an archaeologist!” with an awful lot of pluck, a cheeky grin, and no substance whatsoever

Turning point in #Ferguson? Police drew guns on Hip Hop artist/activist Talib Kweli & others, threatened to shoot last night. (Above) Kweli observes police were in rush formation BEFORE the water bottle was thrown at them. Major questions being raised about identity of individual who threw water bottle— possibly an agent provocateur, someone working for police to either invite riot or provide “justification” for police to assault a peaceful protest. (Left) Activist Phil Agnew, who is in Ferguson, says protesters are being depicted inaccurately. (Below) Example of an agent provocateur: notice the protester being tackled to the ground by police is wearing the EXACT SAME SHOES the police in uniform are wearing (?!?!) #mikebrown