A white cop arrested a Black man for carrying a golf club — and it’s on video 

Wingate, a 70-year-old retired bus driver and Air Force veteran, was walking to Seattle’s Central District to purchase a newspaper, using a golf club as a cane for the 10-mile trek like he had for 20 years. But when Whitlatch spotted Wingate with his club, she pulled over her squad car, exited the car and told him to drop the club.

Their interaction starts at the 1:45 mark

I need you all to get the #Justice4Adaisha Hashtag going

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We can no longer just focus on the lives of Black Men that have been lost.

Adaisha Miller was killed by a police officer at his party. The story has been that she was dancing with him and his gun actually went off while it was on his waist and somehow shot her in the chest.

There are a lot of discrepancies with the story and Adaisha was the only person at the party that didn’t know the cop.



By G. Flint Taylor

Whether unions which represent police officers, correctional guards and other law enforcement officers are the same kind of workers’ organizations as other unions, which can potentially be used to further the interests of the working class as a whole, has been vigorously contested by many progressives and leftists over the years. But the disturbing history of these powerful organizations makes it very clear that they mirror and reinforce the most racist, brutal and reactionary elements within the departments they claim to represent and actively encourage the code of silence within those departments. They are far from democratic, with officers of color and women having little or no influence.

In truth, police unions further the-all-too-accurate conception that the police are an occupying force in poor communities of color, and are antithetical in principle and action to the progressive principles of the labor movement.

FBI’s Cold War plans included martial law, rounding up 13,000 people

Under Plan C, martial law would be declared and the FBI would enact its ‘Emergency Detention Program,’ which entailed apprehending individuals whose affiliations with subversive organizations “are so pronounced that their continued liberty in the event of a national emergency would present a serious threat to the internal security of the country.” The document shows that as of April 1956, almost 13,000 people “were scheduled for apprehension in an emergency.” 

 The documents, acquired by transparency journalism organization MuckRock, detail the FBI plan created in 1956, which was shared with several top officials from every governmental department. The FBI also distributed papers regarding the plan to its field offices. The plan would have gone into effect“after a war has begun in which the US is involved or may become involved and prior to an actual attack on the US itself,” according to the documents.


This is the type of information our kids need in school. Once they know that WE built this country and WE revolutionized technology, they will know that they can do the same. Our Babies are born from Greatness but we must educate them to walk in that Greatness #BlackLivesMatter #Tributaree #TeamLocs #TeamDreads #NaturalHair #TeamNatural #Hbcunation #blacklove #BlackPower #blackpride #blackunity #blackrevolution #Revolution #Egypt #BlackKings #BlackQueens #AfricanDiaspora #WakeUp #Truth #OurHistory #Police #PoliceBrutality #terrorism