Ana-log: The Drozd Family (sans Daniel and Lottie, at school), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

First stop today on way out of  OK. Steven and I have at our most have spent 5 consecutive days with each other and at our least and on average, somewhere between 45 minutes and a night since we met in 2002. Pals passing in the night. Haven’t seen their new house which isn’t so new. A real beaut. Nice family these folks. Their backyard should be declared a national park. 

Ana-log: The Coyne Family,  Oklahoma City, OK

Last shot at end of long day. We like the first one, just prior to this better but I threw Michelle completing out of selective focus.  And it was very dark—second long exposure. And I’m nearly blind anyway. And it was a long day and it’s been a long trip and all this shit is heavy, I just need a bath, no time for baths, must keep moving, Roxanne is dressed, I’m not even dressed yet, I’m typing this, hands very chapped,e ever so chafed, need some cream..

On A Little Island

In 2012 we took the road to the north and met some really nice guys in an awesome land.
Here we are a few minutes outside of Stockholm at a lake. Thomas Zamolo brought us to this beautiful landscape. It was a pleasure to spend this time with him.

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