Hey so… The bell rang and I was almost late to my next class, so I just threw paint bucket on the armor so it looks terrible, I couldn’t finish the eyes, so they look terrible, I ran out of time to shade it, and I apologize for the over all terribleness. Unfortunately, I am unable to edit it further, so this is the final draft…. I’ll send the link to Polar and Will when I get home.

Relaxation Blog

I’ve been working on my calming space for a few days, It now has a music player with a choice between bird song,rain, rolling thunder,waves and sounds of the jungle. I’m trying to update it more frequently too. If you have any playlist requests or post requests feel free to message me, you can check The calming space out by clicking here!

Work in progress for WillumfreshV2 and Polarfairy. Hopefully I’ll have time during art class tomorrow to color it, but if not, this will have to be my final draft.
These guys are doing a give away for fan art, so I’m participating in it!

Stay in drugs and don’t do school kids, school’s crap.

polarfairy asked:

Hey, i've tried to send this a few times but tumblr keeps freezing so im really sorry if you get this more than once! But I found some of your stories on Fanfiction. net and was wondering if it's actually you? I've been following you for a while and I really love your writing!

Yep, that’s me! :) I tend to only cross-post the lighter stuff to FFN (the super-smutty stuff stays on Tumblr and AO3), but anything by Anysia is my stuff (by all means, though, if you see my work somewhere under anything other than Anysia or bri-ecrit, uh, let me know, because that’s happened before).

polarfairy asked:

Hey! The Ftb server has been down for a while I was wondering if anything is up? I'm getting withdrawl! haha

ah! Sorry for not getting back sooner, I haven’t been able to check until now as I have been out most of the day. I just had a look and for some reason there was an error reading files so something must have gone wrong on the automatic restart at 4am. I’ve just fixed it and it should be back up and running now!

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting me know, be sure to message me if there’s any more problems :)

So, World of Warcraft became addictive

if you play it too much! Now to get to level 90 and buy Warlords! I am glad I can share some time on it with my girlfriend, then we have other mmo’s as well! MMO intensifies!

And to make my addiction worse, my 2 current and most liked anime’s are Log Horizon and Sword art online, which are about people being in mmo’s!

Atleast I can admit my problem…