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hey charlie, i thought your post on how femininity is and make-up and all this stuff is pushed on women was really interesting and i would love to read more on the subject. i googled but couldn't really find any reputable sources, do you have any recomendations?

aaaah i’m sure i forgot some stuff because i am incredibly scatterbrained but here’s some i can think of

the beauty myth: how images of beauty are used against women by naomi wolf

sexy inc.: our children under the influence (a 30 min. documentary)

beauty work: individual and institutional rewards, the reproduction of gender, and questions of agency by samantha kwan and mary nell trautner

wounded beauty: an exploratory essay on race, feminism, and the aesthetic question by anne anlin cheng

there’s many feminist works that tangentially deal with the beauty myth but those are the ones that mainly focus on it that come to my mind rn. 

sheila jeffreys also wrote beauty and misogyny but she’s the mother of all TERFs so i personally don’t feel comfortable consuming her work or recommending it; engage with that as you see fit.

feel free to privately message me for a pdf of the first book. hope that helps!!


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pollysthings hat gesagt: I’m in love with your house, you should decorate mine if I ever have one… please

haha I just had this mental image of the typical handyman you have around your house when you redecorate, you know the overweight type in their 40ies and the make a break all the time and wear trousers that reveal their arse when they bend over (and you don’t want to see it) and they drink coffee all the time and explain the world to you… and yes, I am going to be that person in your house :D I will never leave :D hahaha