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Aitai - Pokota & Hanatan

Their voices blend so well together! *^*

I love this so much. My heart. I think it’s melting~ <3

Pokota: “Let’s sing Noushou Sakuretsu Girl!”
Mi-chan: “What about the collab name?”
Pokota: “Macarons!”
Mi-chan: “Eh…”
Pokota: “Macarons!!!”

Pokota and Mi-chan covered Noushou Sakuretsu Girl, with illustration by Ichinose Yukino!


@jjmiume: 溶けはしなかったけど撮影後のコップ歯型がすごかった“@pokotaegamyer: ずっと紙コップ咥えてるから溶けないか心配してたんだよ! “@jjmiume: リハ待ち中に自撮りしてたら、その様子をぽこたんに盗撮されていました。その写真がこちら。  “”
Miume: While I was taking pictures of myself during rehearsal, Pokotan was secretly taking photos of me. Here is his picture.
Pokota: You held that paper cup in your mouth so long, I was worried it would dissolve!
Miume: It didn’t dissolve, but there were incredible tooth-marks on the cup after I finished taking pictures

Singapore~ by Miume

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