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"You’re a big fella, aren’t you?" The Doctor took a step forward to better examine the large, peculiar creature. "Gorgeous, though. Absolutely beautiful— Look at those spines! And that chest-plate!"


Daringly, he brushed his fingers across the metallic armor and hummed. “Sorry, don’t mind me. Curiosity overrides everything else,” he sniffed, backing away. The pokemon hadn’t shied from him, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t making it uncomfortable. “Lovely to meet you.”

One thing I like about Doctor Who is that it’s ripe for crossovers.

Like on the one hand I’m contemplating a Pokemon/Doctor Who oneshot crossover (set in Sinnoh, so Diamond/Pearl/Platinum), and on the other hand I’m probably going to end up writing drabbles/oneshots about a SuperWho crossover with Castiel as The Doctor and Dean (and possibly Sam) as his companions.

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I regret not following your blog sooner, your blog is already one of my favorites!

WHAT???OMG??? AHHH RLY IM SO FLATTERED DOLL THANK YOU~\(//∇//)\❤️you rly cheered me up omg *kisses u a lot*

I like to give away trade only evolution pokemon on wonder trade, or just spare legendarys or other awesome pokemon I don’t want but won’t be able to get rid of on GTS fast enough.  If you’re ever wonder trading, and you get matched with “Tim from Missouri, US” then you might be in luck!

Opinion Time!

Look, I know Lopunny is obviously a perverted looking pokemon, and people make porn of it.  But the people who made it look like that and make porn of it are fucked up.  In my experience, Lopunny has been a valuable asset to my party.  I know it makes people uncomfortable, but you know what? I don’t care.  I was happy to hear it got a mega, and I hope I can bring it into OR/AS to be even more helpful.

P.S. I’m gay, so NO I didn’t write this just because I like Lopunny pron, I wrote this because I’m fed up with people caring more about aesthetics than actual usefulness.

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I'm Pokewho, My fav color is red, My fave ship is Red X Green, I like vanilla ice cream, I have 2 cats.

(^◇^)This made me very happy thank you for sharing ^^❤️❤️❤️ILYSM