Vileplume! My favorite pokemon for over a decade, only recently usurped by Shaymin. Which is funny considering that I usually swing more towards ghost types.

It has a tissue pouch because I used it to cosplay Kaede from How I Became A Pokemon Card. She’s allergic to her own pokemon, see. Which is a Gloom but the only Gloom doll is about two inches tall, so deal.


Someone wanted to see my Kaede costume. I had to use Vileplume as the doll because there isn’t any Gloom doll big enough to hold a tissue package. The boots are probably my least favorite thing about the costume. They’re snow boots and are thus a royal pain to put on and take off.

Well, least favorite thing aside from the terrible, terrible wig.

And everyone kept asking me about the green on my face (which you can only see in the third picture) and I had to keep explaining that it’s supposed to be a snot drip. I’d wanted it to be more…gelatinous, but it didn’t work out that way so I just kinda smeared my face with food coloring.

Also I had to carry a scan of her around with me to show people that no, she’s actually a canon character and not either an OC or a random grunt.

This is Junk from PokeWake. Yes that’s his name. He may look familiar to you. Just where might you have seen him before? Well, take off the bandanna and put a pith helmet on him and


And later, of course…

The bandanna is worn around his neck there. In all three images he has the same outfit and the same hangy-down hair on both sides of his face (well, he has that in the story accompanying the manga image anyway), and all are drawn by Kagemaru Himeno (though the ‘peda) fux it and says that the second card was Sugimori but that was probably the program workin on autopilot).

Anyway, as you guessed, I think it’s the same person on both cards and in the comic. What with me refering to them all as the same person and all.

This has been a lesson in obscure Pokémon manga characters!