• Luvdisc:I love your blog
  • Alomomola:I love you platonically
  • Jynx:I love you romantically
  • Smoochum:I want to kiss you
  • Swablu:I want to hug you
  • Nidoqueen:I want to date you
  • Nidoking:I want to battle you
  • Ninetales:You’re beautiful
  • Wooper:You make me smile
  • Alakazam:You’re really smart
  • Plusle:You’re an amazing friend
  • Minun:I wish I was your friend
  • Lopunny:You’re sexy
  • Scolipede:I don't like you
  • Smeargle:I love your art
  • Unown:I love your writing
  • Meloetta:I love your music
  • Cubchoo:You’re gross
  • Swirlix:You’re really sweet
  • Eevee:You’re one of my favourite people
  • Sylveon:You’re my best friend
  • Arceus:I worship you
  • Togekiss:I think you’re a great optimist
  • Phantump:I think you’re a great pessimist
  • Pichu:You’re really cute
  • Shaymin:I am grateful to know you
  • Metagross:I want to get to know you more
  • Dwebble:I wish I could talk to you but am too shy
  • Darkrai:You’re my worst nightmare
  • Exploud:You scare me
  • Bibarel:You’re silly
  • Audino:You make me blush
  • Absol:Your blog is a disaster
  • Slowking:You’re wise
  • Zoroark:You should post more pictures of yourself
  • Porygon:You should post more

Sometimes I wonder about romance in the Pokemon world.

What sorts of things would people do?

Give each other Luvdisc to show their love.

Go to Lumiose city for a fancy romantic evening in one of the cafes. If you’re lucky, go attend one of the fancy restaurants.

Have a bunch of flower Pokemon delivered at a loved one’s door (especially if they can sing/dance - imagine how cute it would be to have Bellossom at your door).

Breed a special shiny Pokemon or catch something rare for someone you love.

Surprising someone with a beautiful ride atop of Flying Pokemon or swimming on the back of a Lapras (maybe with a sweet little picnic).

Or maybe even have a really beautiful Contest performance to impress your loved one (or even propose)!

I want someone to be romantic to me in the Pokemon world, gosh.

chespin’s evolution may not look as cool as fennekin and froakie’s, but his final evolution may be freaking awesome and surprise us all so lets give the little guy a chance okay

After many months of silence, it is time to bring out the analyzing machine and look at one of the major mysteries of Pokemon X and Y - where is this new region?

Before I talk about that, let’s go over the evidence for a new region.

  • The biggest piece of evidence: In the hotels, there are people that rotate each day, one from each of the five existing regions, and one that is considered an unknown region (according to the guidebook, and what he says to you).

  • Not only is this man said to be from an unknown region in the guidebook, he tells you about the region he comes from.
  • Further evidence lies in the fact that the guidebook mentions that there are several different berries that are unobtainable in Kalos and must be transferred from other regions.
  • Another important and curious thing - the train that goes no where that we see in Eastern Kalos. Even more curious is the fact that we find Sycamore’s letter by the train station, but there is no gift (which he did say there was a gift).

Those are the big pieces of evidence that lead to another region (another arguable piece of evidence is the low Pokedex number - new Pokemon could be added in this new region). So with that out of the way, let’s see if we can crack this puzzle.

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With the latest CoroCoro leaks, it is time for me to analyze the new information and share my thoughts!

There’s a lot to look through, a lot of questions answered, and a lot of new questions, so let’s get started! Look under the Read More for the full review!


Let’s start off with the first question answered, which is what the new looks of Groudon and Kyogre mean. In this month’s CoroCoro, it has been revealed that these new looks are called Primal/Prehistoric, and are from a process called “Ancient Devolution”. What this is exactly is unknown, but more than likely it is similar to formes or Mega Evolution. The Red and Blue orbs may be related to this phenomena, considering that they are stones (Mega Stones?). We will have to wait and see what happens, but it seems likely that they are related to the new storyline.

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Reply/Reblog with your fave starter Pokemon?

My queue is getting low, so I need to fill it again.

Since school is starting again for a lot of people, I thought it would be appropriate to fill it with starter Pokemon (including their evos).

Replies/reblogs only. uwu

WHO IS YOUR FAVE STARTER POKEMON (main games, first evo only)?

This is both to satisfy my curiosity, and to help me decide what starter Pokemon I should make a super fancy background for (rather than my usual simplistic).

Starter with the most responses will get a nice background made of it.

First evo, main starters only (including Pikachu).


Has anyone else noticed the generation 5 is the fabulous hair generation?

Like seriously.







And then there are others that I neglected to mention.


So much hair.

There should be a runway filled with various Unova Pokemon modeling their hairstyles.

I think it is time for bed when I am thinking this much about the hair of Pokemon. uwu


FINALLY opening up a new post for background requests, but I do have some general guidelines regarding requests (and I appreciate anyone who reads them).

  1. All requests MUST be replies or reblogs to this post. I DELETE any background requests in my inbox (this is a big pet peeve :c).
  2. ABSOLUTELY NO OCS. I do not make backgrounds of peoples’ OCs unless commissioned, which can be found here!
  3. Please check the pokebackgrounds tag to see if I have already done a background of that Pokemon. I don’t like doing the same Pokemon twice very often.
  4. Only a couple Pokemon at a time, and they should somehow go together if it is more than one (eg. evolutionary lines, starters, etc). Less complicated is generally better.
  5. I only do what interests me. I draw these to relax, and generally drawing things I like are more relaxing. This is to say if I don’t like a Pokemon, then I probably won’t draw it, sorry!

Also please remember, I pick whatever interests me, which means I don’t go in any order, and not all requests will be made.

In light of yesterday’s anon question, I just want to say this:

There is no wrong or right age to enjoy things.

There is no wrong or right type of person.

I have met brilliant people, people who are currently in one of the best universities in the world to become engineers and doctors, who love Pokemon.

I know people that are firefighters, and people who are becoming early childhood educators, who love Pokemon.

I remember babysitting a five-year old whose favourite Pokemon was Piplup, and marveled at the Pokemon pictures I drew her.

I see grandparents enjoying Pokemon with their grandchildren.

You just enjoy what you love, for there are a lot of other people out there just like you - passionate about something.

Don’t ever feel bullied or ashamed about it.

What are your five favourite Hoenn (gen 3) Pokemon?

I will either be doing a posting special of the winners, or draw the winners myself. I am also just curious which ones are most popular.

Replies/reblogs only please!


Note for Background Requests (V2) (make requests here)


Putting that in bold at the top so people notice that part first. uwu

Normally I ask people to make requests here, but seeing a couple recent events, I felt the need to make a new post (I will also look at the old one though).

PLEASE do not message me with background requests! My inbox is already very cluttered! I will delete background requests that are in my inbox, unless it is an actual question! I feel the need to say this, for a lot of people ignored my link to the request page and messaged me last night, which frustrates me a bit when I provide a link to leave requests. ;;

Also, I WILL NOT make a background of your own custom characters! I would ONLY do this as a paid commission (here is commission info), as those types of backgrounds are too personal, meant for one person’s use, and I am doing these for everyone! c:

Lastly, I am more likely to make backgrounds if these conditions are met:

  1. Only a couple Pokemon per request. I will do all the starters at some point, so ignore those. Three is the general limit.
  2. The Pokemon match in some way! By this, I mean they actually ‘belong’, basically meaning that I won’t do something like Magmar, Quilfish, and Pikachu in one background for it looks odd.
  3. I haven’t drawn a background for that Pokemon already! PLEASE check the Pokebackgrounds tag before requesting, thank you! uwu
  4. It really helps if I like the Pokemon. I am just doodling these for fun after all! Here is my “Rate This Pokemon” grids, which give a better idea of how likely I would be to make backgrounds of each Pokemon  uwu
  5. Lastly, the less complicated the Pokemon, the better. I will do complicated ones sometimes though! c:

Thank you so much for listening! I’m sorry this is so long, but it really does frustrate me when so many people ignore my simple request. ;;

Also, you can make a request, but it doesn’t mean I will draw it. I only do those that interests me. Go here if you wish to learn about commissions. uwu

So reply here with your requests, or reblog, okay?

Vivillon Trades!

Just finished raising 15 Vivillon from Scatterbugs I caught.

I now have 15 Polar Vivillon just for trading purposes.

I am looking to get Vivillon of ALL sorts, and already have a friend providing me with a Modern one!

Here is an image of the various Vivillon!


My friend code is 4012 3970 3255! Let me know yours and what Vivillon you can provide me (also let me know your name)! Going to start trading some tonight, I hope (now that I am not so busy studying)!

Once again, only interested in Vivillon that are NOT Modern or Polar.

Also, as a small request, if you do give me one, I prefer nicknames. If there is no nickname, that is fine, but I just love nicknames. All of mine are named after plants. uwu