Chesnaught (XY) Pokemon TCG Card Review.


Next up is the spiny armor pokemon, Chesnaught (XY).

This pokemon is a stage 2 grass type with a healthy 160HP. While it’s HP being high is a possitive, the 4 colorless energy retreat cost is awful. This does however mean that Chesnaught can be searched out with Heavy Ball, adding to it’s chances of being put into play. The ability Spiky Shield takes effect when Chesnaught is damaged by an opponent’s attack, and put 3 damage counters on the opposing pokemon. This is a great ability, and can give the player some extra time to attach energy, to Chesnaught, or any of their other pokemon since the opponent will want to take Chesnaught out using as few attacks as possible to avoid unnecessary damage. This Ability also helps with Chesnaught’s overall damage output. For 2 grass energy and 2 colorless, Touchdown can do 90 damage and heal 20 damage from Chesnaught. While the cost seems high for 90 damage, healing 20 damage can really screw around with your opponent’s damage math and force them to have to attack Chesnaught more times than they had hoped. Combine that with the Spiky Shield ability, and you’ve got a 1 prize card pokemon with an alarming damage output.

This card has great potential, and decks centered around grass types are very strong right now in most metagames. That being said, be sure to have switch/float stone/escape rope to help with Chesnaught’s retreat cost. And run plenty of energy, and  retrivals, because you will be losing a lot of energy when Chesnaught hits the discard pile.