You know, if the species wasn’t the black sheep of Pokemon Anime, I would be so happy to see Clemont with a Porygon.

  • A man-made Pokémon created using advanced scientific means. It can move freely in cyberspace.
  • It can learn great Electric-type moves, ElectroWeb, Zap Cannon, etc. 
  • A lot of clever moves that Clemont could make use of with his ingenuity in battle, Magnet Rise, Pain Split, Wonder Room, Conversion 2. 
  • It’s as cyber, nerdy and researching scientific you can get. Flawless pick for someone like him imo.
  • It’s a good Gen 1 Pokemon if they were gonna give him another random, non-Kalos capture. 

Pokémon Regions + Their Inspirations

Kanto - Celadon City inspired by Shinjuku, Japan

Johto - Mt. Silver inspired by Mount Fuji, Japan

Hoenn - Sootopolis City inspired by Iōjima, Japan

Sinnoh - Jubillife City inspired by Saporro City, Japan

Unova - Skyarrow Bridge inspired by Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Kalos - Lumiose inspired by Paris, France