• Character: Magikarp 
  • Fandom: Pokemon 
  • Reason for Being Hated: One of the weakest Pokemon in the entire series since it only knows two moves, is a great annoyance to many trainers since it evolves into the very powerful Gyarados but only by leveling it up to Level 20, thus you have to keep using it in battles.
Flareon Giveaway

[Our feature artist tonight is myblackeyeddemon! He is taking commissions now and can really use some more commissions, so check out his art! I believe Tar is Live Streaming, so check it out while you wait for pokemon to be traded and tell him Flarepix sent you!]

Hey guys so my wifi has been down since Thursday morning, so that’s why I haven’t been on. This isn’t the giveaway I had planned, but its the one I’m going to do.

Tonight I’ll be giving out two boxes of Level 100 Female Flareon! To get one deposit a male Marill into the GTS with the code “Flare”. Only one per person until I decide to call for doubles.

If you post a pic, you’ll be entered to win a bonus pokemon. Tonight I’ll give away a Victini. So if you post a pic and tag tcgiveaways in it, you’ll be entered to win it. 

Remember to check out our FAQ and Rules before depositing. Good luck! -FP