So a buddy of mine is a contributor to the MS Paint threads on 4chan’s /vp/, where a random Pokemon is chosen daily and is then drawn by several 4chan users.

His gimmick is that each day, he makes a Quagsire representing the Pokemon of the Day, and yesterday, the Pokemon of his gimmick came up.

For Quagsire day he made the Pokerap of the first generation anime with all of his First Generation Quagsire.

It is truly  amazing and you can watch it HERE! Enjoy!


a friend challenged me to do this.

First day of Inktober! my first contest (sort of. I think this is a contest) and for the occasion I got a bunch of new multicolored ink pens!

I’m going to try my best to post one every day, and might at one point go to every other day

todays theme: Pokémon starters. First generation

Myself and Geekasaurus Mike are streaming the continuation of our playthrough of Pokemon Red, in this exciting installment, we make our way through Mt. Moon to Cerulean City to fight Misty!  Come see if we can luck our way through this one like we did the Brock trainer battle that we were totally unprepared for.  http://www.livestream.com/notanotherreviewer