“So how does Mega Evolution work again? It’s supposed to be reserved for trainers who have a strong, genuine bond with their Pokémon, right? Because I battled this one trainer whose bond with his Pokémon was anything but strong and genuine.

“To put it nicely, he was rude. Rude to other people, rude to his opponents, and rude to his Pokémon. He would bark orders to his Pokémon while they were battling, and every misstep was met with harsh swears and demeaning comments. I couldn’t imagine how his Pokémon would respect him, but apparently, his Beedrill respects him enough to be able to Mega Evolve.

“I obviously lost because I was so caught off-guard by the Mega Evolution. It sickens me to this day thinking that he still treats his Pokémon that way. And what’s worse is that he’s the type of person who wouldn’t listen to anyone’s comments but his own. If you ask me, he doesn’t deserve to have a Key Stone at all.”


Pokémon Reorchestrated: Hoenn Summer is coming August 2014! Featuring 12 music selections from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, this mini-album will explore the beauty of the Hoenn region through the power of the orchestra.

Track Listing (in no particular order):

  • Opening Titles
  • Professor Birch’s Introduction
  • Battle! Wild Pokémon
  • Slateport City
  • Desert Path (Route 111)
  • Seaside Cycling Road (Route 110)
  • Battle! Gym Leader
  • Abandoned Ship
  • Surfing Theme
  • Verdanturf Town
  • Road to Fallarbor Town (Route 113)
  • Battle! Elite Four

▶ Amazing artwork by Preoprix: { x }

▶ Listen to the full preview of the Route 110 Theme: { x }