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Day 366 - Nutrey | ナットレイ | Ferrothorn

Swinging from vine to vine, Nutrey owns the jungle. It has great control of both organic and inorganic attacks. Don’t touch Ferrothorn without protective gloves, for it’s absolutely covered in thorns and spikes.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know if the rumors about game damaging glitch Pokemon that someone is spamming on wondertrade are true?

huh? I haven’t heard anything about this. But I doubt it’s true. As shitty as nintendo’s hack check is, it isn’t that bad.

if you’re referring to this post made by the Pokemon Uranium tumblr, you can rest easy. It appears to be for the fan game Pokemon Uranium, which apparently has a wonder trade feature? Which is pretty cool for a fan game, if you ask me. But regardless, the warning is for that fan game, not the actual real official pokemon games. I don’t play Uranium, so I can’t shed any further light on that situation, but it does seem someone’s being a shitfuck on that game’s wonder trade.

basically, you’re safe wonder trading on xyoras. unless you’re sending out shit, in which case I will kneecap you. and this applies to anyone reading this.

what your smash bros main says about you
  • <p><b>mario:</b> boring<p/><b>dr. mario:</b> even more boring. thinks melee is the only smash bros game that matters<p/><b>donkey kong:</b> squad leader. or makes 'expand dong' jokes a lot<p/><b>link:</b> likes yaoi probably<p/><b>samus:</b> cool af, their chill is too much<p/><b>yoshi:</b> would have intercourse with a lizard person<p/><b>kirby:</b> says they not good at smash bros but will wipe the floor with everyone, not to be trusted<p/><b>fox:</b> furry. definitely.<p/><b>falco:</b> a furry but for birds. a feathery (or is the 8-year-old nephew that only plays as falco)<p/><b>pikachu:</b> a long time fan of pokemon<p/><b>luigi:</b> awkward and deeply insecure. probably wants to die.<p/><b>wario:</b> the fun one at parties<p/><b>captain falcon:</b> hates anime but doesn't know captain falcon was anime<p/><b>peach:</b> likes pastel japanese lolita aesthetics<p/><b>bowser:</b> nerd<p/><b>bowser jr. and the koopalings:</b> acts tough but are actually small strawberry-flavored cupcakes with frosting for fists<p/><b>zelda:</b> smart af<p/><b>sheik:</b> slick af<p/><b>ganondorf:</b> intent on murdering everyone's ass<p/><b>marth:</b> thinks they're better than everyone.<p/><b>meta knight:</b> needs to chill<p/><b>pit:</b> gay trash<p/><b>dark pit:</b> absolute trash. probably an ""edg y"" anti-sjw<p/><b>zero suit samus:</b> bad ho<p/><b>ike:</b> I FIGHT FOR MY FRIEN DS<p/><b>charizard:</b> does not miss squirtle or ivysaur. at all.<p/><b>diddy kong:</b> definitely makes 'exapand dong' jokes<p/><b>king dedede:</b> wants to be in a squad but never will be<p/><b>pikmin & olimar:</b> lonely<p/><b>rosalina & luma:</b> even lonelier<p/><b>ness:</b> YOU MAY SAY IM A FOOL,, FOR BELIEVIN THE WAY THST I DO. YOU CAN CALL ME POLLYANNNA, , SAY IM CRAZY AS LOON I BELIVE IN SILVER LININGS AND THHTS WHY I BELIEVE IN YOUUU<p/><b>lucario:</b> thinks they're a bad ass motherfucker but really they just a basic ho<p/><b>toon link:</b> likes spongebob<p/><b>lucas:</b> cries every time they see a sunflower. plays mother 3 love theme on airhorns a lot<p/><b>villager:</b> probably a scorpio that knows the axe trick. do not trust<p/><b>wii fit trainer:</b> honestly?? i dont even know<p/><b>rob:</b> just wants to be accepted<p/><b>mr game and watch:</b> legitimately ships g&w and pac-man<p/><b>duck hunt:</b> ....the underdog :^)<p/><b>little mac:</b> memer<p/><b>greninja:</b> thinks they're cool but they're just an annoying little shit<p/><b>jigglypuff:</b> would trust sakurai with their life<p/><b>palutena:</b> feels that palutena reflects their status as a god-like being and is absolutely right<p/><b>robin:</b> wanted chrom<p/><b>lucina:</b> a good person<p/><b>shulk:</b> still enjoys IM REALL Y FEELING IT memes<p/><b>sonic:</b> likes sonic '06<p/><b>mega man:</b> literally lost their shit at mega man's reveal<p/><b>pac-man:</b> wants to win but also wants to have a good time. the ideal smasher<p/><b>mii fighters:</b> no one fucking likes you<p/><b>mewtwo:</b> can't shut the fuck up on miiverse<p/><b>pichu:</b> fucking losers<p/><b>roy:</b> everyone is laughng at you<p/></p>
  • young link:why even
  • wolf:edgy anti-sjw

Pokemon Fan Issue 39 Merch News

(from top to bottom)

  • Sleepy Pikachu Pitapoke figure and sticker book (includes stickers of Pokemon that currently do not have Pitapoke figures) - January 14th, 2015
  • Wiggling Goomy Plush (pull the cord and he shakes) - end of December, 2014
  • TsumuTsumu (stackable) Pokemon figures - beginning of December, 2014
  • New batch of Takara Tomy plush - ORAS starters come out end of November, 2014 Braixen and Frogadier come out end of December, 2014
  • Sleepy Pokemon Part 2 - gacha prize, last week of December, 2014
  • Pokemon Kids Figures part 1 (right) - beginning of December, 2014
  • Pokemon Kids Figures part 2 (left) - sometime January, 2015
  • Pikachu Cosplay Plush (so far only two announced, but more information will be coming soon!) - December 20th, 2014