pokemon contest


And here are the winners! If any of you are unhappy with your respective Pokemon, I am sorry.

Dynamo Sparks with Klang

Sphinx with Dragonite

Minty Patty with Simisage

teh-mod-called-kb with Banette

and Railpony with Sawsbuck

Now I know I said that there would be three winners, but I changed my mind. I like five. If you want to know why I choose each Pokemon feel free to ask! And thank you again for your support! I’ll get started on a Hearts and Hooves Day story soon!

stormmodblog asked:

So Val, can you tell us more about Kajmir? We know he w-IS. IS your best friend, and often lover. But that's only how he's linked to you, what is HE like?

A laugh escaped the Deldevoir as he watched the ‘family’ as Vanille clearly attempted to give Caramel a bath though the female child was not enjoying the water in the slightest. Her brother, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying the water and Michel’s eyes lingered on the boy for a moment before he moved further into the trees.

His thoughts drifted, “ahh Kajmir… an extraordinary fellow, that one. And, it’s only natural I know who he is. In fact, I knew who he was before I even met Vanille. One of Vered’s best Contest Pokemon. Any performance and he would win; there was no combating that one. Naturally, when he started performing in doubles with Vanille his popularity - along with hers - skyrocketed. They match each other quite well.”

A stream of fire escaped him and he stormed away from the river, “but lovers? They were not lovers. Friends with benefits, maybe, but not lovers. Kajmir’s interests lay elsewhere, in another one of Vanille’s friends. Fior, a Sanderade I believed her name was.”

He laughed, “you are sorely misinformed if you believe that Vanille and Kajmir loved each other in that way. But if what she said to me about him means anything,” Michelada’s expression fell slightly, as if he were recalling some distant memory of a night spent talking more than sleeping, “he was a friendship she desperately needed. To have that torn away from her, and with no explanation at all given… perhaps that’s why she clings so desperately to that Smeargle.”

His expression hardened once more, “Kajmir is a flirtatious fellow, from what I’ve seen. And at often times, cruel, especially towards any other male who showed an interest in him. I believe he seriously wounded a few, and I don’t mean broke their hearts. I do mean that in he physically attacked them for daring to, say, flirt with him. He was kind to those he knew but those he didn’t?” the Deldevoir laughed, “heartless. Vicious. He was known for leading others on and then turning on them suddenly with great violence - and no one would come after him for it either, given that he’s with the Brontes, and nobody in their right - or wrong - mind would dare challenge them. Though, recently, he’s actually been keeping himself in check, so there’s been less unfortunate fellows ending up in the hospital from that Bishedge.”

The Deldevoir leaned against a nearby tree, “like I said, of course I would know. My trainer greatly enjoys any performance put on by Kajmir, and so do the females on his team. We only go because it’s a better way to pass the time than getting drunk. He’s actually started to be blunt about where his interests are, and I don’t doubt a certain Sanderade has contributed to that. But that’s enough chit-chat from me.”

With that, he wandered further into the trees.

[This ends the Intervention plot. Asks will now go back to normal.]

"M-My manager wants for me to go to Hoenn for Pokemon Contest Sp-spectaculars… Oniichan, um- Do you talk to Leon these days? I watched him on TV— His contest, not a creepy kind of watching!!!

I need advice. Pokemon contests… look kind of difficult.”


You can also take photos of your precious Pokémon. When the camera icon is displayed, you can take a picture of your favorite moment during a contest. If you talk to the young man near the reception desk who says it’s his job to prepare the Contest Hall, he can even set it up so you can take pictures of your Pokémon, capturing the world around you in the background! Try to take the ultimate shot with your Pokémon!