Appropriate Times to Play Pokemon:
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • before class
  • during class
  • after class
  • at home
  • while on the toilet
  • during parties
  • funerals
  • at work
  • break during work
  • every waking moment

During todays episode of Pokémon Get☆TV, the serial code for the Contrary Serperior was revealed. This serial code is a shared code which can be used by multiple people rather than the one-time use serial codes of other events. This code cannot be redeemed until January 9th 2015 but can then be redeemed all the way up to November 30th 2015. The code is POKEMON497

Source: Serebii

Game Freak, the developers behind the incredibly popular Pokemonseries and also HarmoKnight, have told Japanese publication 4Gamerthat they’re readying the announcement of their next game. The company is excited about their next project and hope that it’s well received by the fans. Here’s what Tetsuya Watanabe, who is one of the senior programmers of Game Freak, had to say.

“We’re doing a lot of different things with respect to our next project, so right now we’re focusing on getting ready to announce it. We sincerely hope from the bottom of our hearts that it’ll be worth checking out once we get to that point.”

Source: mynintendonews

To show your support for those facing anon hate, please wear this icon as your avatar. The more users we can get wearing this icon, the more support those affected will see. Even if you are not in the Supernatural fandom, please still show your support. Fandoms are families, and that doesn’t end with your own. In times like this, everyone needs to band together to help those targeted and affected. Fandoms helping each other out. 

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I decided to play with the fave Pokemon finder, just to see what my faves look like at the end of the year. Then I thought it would be neat to see what my least faves are. Both I don’t think are really in order (except for maybe the top seven faves), but they do overall reflect my favourites and least faves (though I think Vanillite must of disappeared, for I know it should be on that list of least faves).

Anyhow, here is a link for anyone else who wants to play with it. c: