• squirtle
  • pikachu obvs
  • clefairy
  • ninetales forever
  • meowth <3
  • haunter
  • magikarp because fuck you i raised a lvl 5 magikarp to a lvl 80 gyrados once and it rocks
  • lapras
  • eevee!!!
  • vaporeon
  • jolteon
  • the second evolutions of every johto starter especially quilava
  • pichu
  • bellossom aw just look at it
  • hoppip
  • aipom
  • WOOPer
  • espeon & umbreon
  • wobbuffet specifically team rocket’s
  • sneasel
  • corsola i luv it
  • celebi luv this onion fairy
  • the whole mudkip line
  • mightyena
  • KIRLIA!!!!!!!!!!
  • azurill
  • skitty
  • mawile <3
  • plusle & minun
  • roselia
  • sharpedo (i almost accidentally typed sharknado b y e)
  • spinda
  • altaria
  • seviper
  • milotic
  • shuppet
  • absol & very much mega absol
  • salamence
  • latias
  • rayquaza
  • luxray hell yes
  • pachirisu
  • buizel. now say buizel out loud its fun
  • cherubi
  • mismagius holy hell
  • purugly i will defend purugly to the ends of the earth
  • lucario
  • finneon
  • weavile is like the best gen 4
  • togekiss
  • leafeon
  • glaceon
  • SHAYMIN best legend
  • serperior
  • dewott
  • purrloin i hate its name tho i like its japanese name choroneko
  • woobat gets so much undeserved hate
  • audino
  • lilligant
  • garbodor is great fuck you
  • CHANDELURE is the like best thing to come out of gen 5 next to iris herself
  • meloetta
  • braixen
  • vivillon especially ocean vivillon
  • flabebe
  • meowstic
  • NOIVERN!!!!!!
  • DIAncie its madoka
  • PC4SH its a glitch pokemon literally named “p cash” and when it appears it freezes ur game and its dex # is 1 away from dunsparce’s and it can learn several moves that are the glitch type “Cooltrainer♀”

best pokemon per type

  • dragon - altaria
  • fairy - sylveon
  • water - swampert
  • ghost - chandelure
  • fire - ninetales
  • electric - pikachu
  • grass - pumpkaboo
  • ice - lapras
  • dark - absol
  • psychic - kirlia
  • flying - noivern
  • poison - seviper
  • normal - dunsparce
  • rock - corsola
  • steel - mawile
  • fighting - lucario
  • ground - swampert again
  • bug - vivillon
30 Day PKMN Challenge: The Grass (9-4)




Tropius has always been a Pokemon near and dear to my heart.

When I was little, playing through my Ruby file, I ran into one and I could never catch it. But as I grew older, knowing what Nuzlockes were and such, I decided to try one out on Pokemon Emerald..

If any of you have seen the Shiny Pokemon page of mine, you’ll see that there’s a Shiny Tropius there. 


Indeed. Mac was my Shiny Tropius for that playthrough, and he has so many near death encounters, it was so scary. But the fact that I FINALLY caught a Tropius on that Route and it was SHINY? It made my inner kid happy. 

Breloom and Cradily are also other Grass favorites of mine. 

Bug is tomorrow. 


*~*~the dreamteam~*~*

  • swampert
  • dunsparce
  • sylveon
  • noivern
  • chandelure
  • kyogre

it doesnt work out to actually have this as my pokemon team cause 1. ur team just happens as u play the game, they choose u not the other way around and 2. i dont even have a chandelure. but this is The Ideal


New CoroCoro scans!

  • 1st scan: Shishiko is the Lion Cub Pokemon and is Fire/Normal. It learns a new attack called War Cry which lowers the target’s Attack. This Pokemon has a temper, is quick to fight, and lives in packs. When they become stronger, they leave their packs to go live alone. The red bang on its head emits heat. This Pokemon was first shown last night at the X/Y roundtable.
  • 2nd scan: Furabebe, the Lone Flower Pokemon, is a Fairy-type. It can learn Fairy Wind. When this Pokemon is born, it looks for a flower and stays with it for its entire life. There may be Furabebe that are holding on to different flowers in the games.
  • 3rd scan: Vivillon has two pre-evolutions named Kofukimushi and Kofuurai (one of these is Spewpa). Both are Bug-type.
  • 4th scan: Pansy (left) will appear in the TV show on July 18th with a Gogoat and Helioptile. She’s a photographer from Lumiose City. Viola(right) is the Gym Leader of Hakudan City. She specializes in the Bug-type. She carries a video camera around.
  • 5th/6th scan: Asame Town is the starting town. The characters shown are from left to right TorobaTieruno, and Sana (Sana resembles one of the characters from an earlier trailer who’s following you in the forest). All three are from Asame Town, begin their Pokemon journeys with you, and you befriend them at the beginning of the story. You also befriend the opposite-gender character, who is either Callum if you play as a girl or Serena if you play as a boy (in Japanese, at least). He or she lives next door to you.

    Source: Pokébeach