You know that guy you’re wishing he would be? I never met him. I only know this guy and, uh, yeah—I mean, he’s a little weird, but, uh… but I like him. ()


Oh, uh, nah. It’ll be… two years this December.


happy night mare night~



hey everyone, so it’s been over a year since i started poké and i wanted to give thanks for all the great artists that have given me strength, have shown care, have shown support, and have show friend ship. and this has made my life amazing and have given me some direction. i wish i could hug you all and thank all of you for making my life filled with such joy

I actually wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish this one-shot tomorrow before things got busy, but with the scenes I have left (the beginning, and maybe a tweak to the middle and end), I think it might be possible now? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And maybe I’ll even get in some drawing tomorrow, or Saturday. I just have to scan these sketches up and I’m all set and ready to go.