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1. One person you’d love to spend a day just talking to.

This is such a predictable answer but I would honestly love to spend a day talking to Nicholas Petricca like wow he is such a sweetheart and so energetic and fun and nice how is it even possible. Also, I wouldn’t mind spending a day talking to this boy I think is attractive..

2. One person you’d love to teach you something. And what would they teach you?

Shit son this is actually hard? I think I’d want Jamie Cook to teach me how to play guitar

3. Alex Turner’s hair….let us talk about this……best era in your opinion for the hair…choose wisely my friends…. 

This is the most difficult thin g ever okay. My fave is probably 2008 (and now tbh) because it was shaggy but not too shaggy ya feel 

4. Three places you’d like to go, and with who? (like 3 people, 1 place with each)

I want to go to Coachella with Rachael reaaally badly. I actually want to go with a big group of my friends because I think it’d be really fun to take a road trip there together, but if I had to pick one person, it’d be her

I! want! to! go! to! Italy! I don’t have a preference on who I go with really. It would be fun with my friends Chris and Adelaide, or a cute boy, or any of my friends. I don’t actually care as long as I get to see Italy

I think I’d also say I want to go to NYC with both of my theatre directors (which I hopefully actually get to do in June!) because one of them graduated from NYU like two years ago and the other has been so many times and I think I’d just really enjoy seeing them in interact in the city. That might be weird but idk I just love New York so much and seeing how other people take the city in gives me this weird sense of happiness

5. Is there a band everyone else seems to like, but you just can’t get into?

THE XX OH GOD. For some songs I’ll be like, “oh cool I can deal with this” and others I just can’t even handle and I feel like there’s something wrong with me 

6. Headphones vs earphones…..weigh in…

Okay now here’s the thing: I love earphones. I move around a lot and lie down, plus my mother or someone is always trying to talk to me when I am listening to music, so earphones just make life so much easier under those circumstances. Headphones are great and I love the sound and comfort you get when wearing them, but I feel like they’re too big to always be carrying around. I’ll only wear them when I really want to focus on the music and nothing else 

7. What’s number one on your wish list this year? (not necessarily christmas bc you may not be christian….but something you reALLY want)

(hey yeah I’m not christian woo) I WANT A GUITAR SO BADLY. I’ve wanted one since I was 8. I can’t deal with it anymore. I just want one so I can teach myself how to play ugh

8. Do you think you’ll get snow in your area this year? Do you like snow?

HA that is the funniest joke I have ever heard. It never snows here. It snowed maybe like twice or three times in the past 12 years and each time it was barely even snowing. The show wasn’t even an inch thick, I don’t think

9. Music festival…or small concert?

Ooh man see the issue is that music festivals have so much energy and good vibes and you get to see a ton of artists and meet so many people from everywhere, but at the same time your chances of meeting some artist or band or another is substantially less than if you were at a small concert. Small concerts are fantastic, but I think when comparing my experiences, I’d probably pick music festival

10. What are your go to shoes??

It kind of varies depending on the season. That sounds so lame but it’s true hahah. Right now, they’re a pair of black boots that have one of those foldover things so that you can wear them high or fold them over and wear them normally. In spring and autumn I guess I’d have to say it’s my pair of brogues from Jack Wills. They’re probably one of my all-time favorite purchases. In summer, it’s definitely this pair of brown and tan sandals that I have. I’m kind of obsessed with shoes and clothes..

11. Hmmm…um..favorite animal!


I don’t know why, I just think they’re super cute.

Ah hey thanks!

Uh okay here goes my 11 questions:

1. Is there any album whose track listing you wish you could change? If so, why? 

2. If you had to pick one celebrity to meet, who would it be?

3. How would you describe your fashion taste?

4. Describe the last time you were really excited about something.

5.  How many concerts have you been to?

6. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

7. Describe any color without using the actual name for the color. Go. 

8. What did/do you love most and least about school?

9. If you could bang any band member, who would it be?

10. What’s the first thing you think of when you see the name “Ezra Koenig?”

11. What piece of literature influenced your life the most? 

poisonednights said:

It wasn't changed to homophobia it's was just an analogy to when straight people go "oh I have a gay friend maybe you know him/her" assuming all gay people know each other, happens a lot

i know but there are TONs of posts about that on tumblr with homophobia as the main subject matter.

it kind of just goes to show how like tumblr doesnt really give a shit about ableism. they took a post about ableism and put a caption that changed it to homophobia. which i s kind of :///