I got a wonderful package today!! My geta from Amubleu arrived (so fast, I just got the shipping notice yesterday!) and they’re so beautiful. I was afraid the maple would be too light for my tastes but it’s really lovely in person. She even included a beautiful bracelet for one of my bigger guys (it’ll probably go to Shin because he needs something nice). I always love buying Amu’s things because she is so nice, everything is packaged so wonderfully, and everything is just stunningly made.

Thank you so much Amu! I’ll be buying the little dudes some tabi feet on Friday so they can try these on asap.

Can someone explain to me how volks feet work? I want some nice geta from poisonbleu too but I don’t want to carve into the feet :(

Can I just buy volks feet and stick them on somehow? Or does anyone else sell geta feet?


I think I have a problem and it’s called ‘buying all the things from Amu’. I commissioned some woolies and sweaters for my Afi and Ai and they arrived this past week! Cicero also got a gift pair of woolies which of course are perfect on him. Finding clothes I like (especially shorts) that fit Finnen and Farren has been a struggle but I am happy to report that Amu’s woolies fit the hooved legs VERY well! And they look super precious on them too. I also have some new friends to add to the growing zoo of knit animals. The little red & white pandas are some of my favourites so far.

A huge thank you to Amu again for the amazing work! 

Get The Look: Otakon 20

Daisuke fearless wearing a touch of wafuku (eastern style) with his
yōfuku (western). He’s even showing off a little geta action balancing one foot on his toes

Poisonbleu two tone sweater and geta

Milk and Honey plaid pants

You can find both fabulous bjd clothing makers in the S section of Otakon’s Artist alley this weekend.  (Shiroiyukiko S11 and Amubleu S7)


(Just a bit of silliness while having Daisuke test out a pair of the geta. It dawned on me that he was wearing pretty much everything awesome that could be purchased at this year’s Otakon. This is what came out of it)



I don’t photograph my dolls like I used to but I was moving a few around today (finally putting the new girl in her place with the rest of them) and realized I had never taken pictures of Saya in the sweater I got her last Otakon. Saya is the first doll I ever got back in 2005. So wow 9 years. She is an old Customhouse Ai Sia from probably 2002-04. I bought her second hand off EBay and didn’t know very much when I got her. But she is my absolute favorite and one I never plan on selling.

Since I love the series Nana by Ai Yazawa I dress her as Nana quite a bit. So this outfit really works for that character.

Sweater: Poisonbleu
RHS: Dollheart



I commissioned Amubleu for a few sweaters as I wanted a few for my big guys. And then couldn’t resist throwing one in for Cicero too, which ended up working out as I have 3 Yo’s now and 3 little stripy sweaters. X)

I’ll have a photo of all my current Amu sweaters on dolls on Sunday as Shin, Hawthorn, still unnamed f-17, and the littles will be wearing them to a doll meet.

Also, my current collection of itty bitty animals. I love that the pandas have different expressions and I just can’t get over that hot pink bunny, who I think will become Sparrow’s little friend.


Hitomu in modified and shrunk down version of “Owls”. Pattern by Kate Davies and knitted by me with alpaca lace.

Going through photos taken this year. I know that friends have seen this many times but I haven’t put this up on my poisonbleu page… and I’m proud of it gosh darn it! I may be reblogging a few other things as well through out the week.