Do you ever feel that school is completely pointless? So, I have the letter ‘A’ printed on a sheet of paper. Maybe it can get me a job, but it doesn’t mean anything in the scheme of things. One day, I’ll be dead, and everyone I ever knew will be gone, and what will it matter then? The Education System is a human construction - and we messed it up.
—  education, urgh
I hate the fact that no one cares enough to even send me a text message at weekends. Everyone else is snapchatting, instagramming, facebooking, tweeting each other, and then they talk about it as if it’s perfectly normal, and it is. I’m the one who’s just not important enough, the outcast. If I don’t start a conversation, I know there simply won’t be one. I am NEVER anyone’s first choice. It hurts, knowing that.
—  dark thoughts