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I’m so over “it’s just a personal preference!” being used as a get-out-of-bigotry-free card. 

Like, I’m not asking that anyone change their “personal preferences” but I am saying you need to fucking examine where they come from and what they’re informed by. 

“Personal preferences” don’t exist independent of socialization, cultural messages, etc. 

Drabble Games #3: “Please don’t leave.” (Dean x reader)

Requested by carry-on-angel. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

 An uncomfortable sensation of not being able to move woke you up. You tried to shrug the dream off, and attempted to stretch your limbs only to find that it wasn’t a dream. You couldn’t move. Dean was wrapped around you like vines around a tree, his weight holding you down.

           You rolled your eyes and shoved at his shoulder, but he didn’t budge. Sighing, you settled in to try and go back to sleep. Dean holding you wasn’t the worst way to sleep, after all. You ran your free arm down Dean’s, feeling his hard muscles and wishing that he could relax. Lately, he had seemed tense even when he was sleeping. As you touched him, he instinctively pulled you even closer, almost lying completely on top of you.

           You had barely drifted off when you were startled by Dean’s arm jerking in his sleep. Great, you thought, he’s dreaming. He slept like the dead and was impossible to wake up, so you were just going to have to suffer through it. The two of you really should consider a bigger bed…

           Your thoughts and your irritation were suddenly stopped when Dean began muttering in his sleep. You didn’t understand his mumbling at first, but then one phrase rang out clearly.

           “Please don’t leave.”

           Your heart sank at the sadness in his voice. He buried his head in your neck and repeated the phrase. Was he dreaming that you had left? Sure, the two of you had some issues, but he knew you loved him. Didn’t he?

           You felt his lips press into your neck and you knew he was awake. He let his tongue trace patterns on your skin for a while, both of you enjoying the closeness. Without speaking, you rolled to face him and kissed his full lips. You tasted his familiar sweetness and felt the familiar shiver as his hands wandered your body.

           “Dean,” you whispered. “I’m not going anywhere.”

           He frowned, probably remembering the dream. Before he could speak, you kissed him again, rolling so that he was on top of you. You spent the rest of the night reminding Dean without words that you belonged to him.

5SOS Preference #34: Going Down
  • Luke Hemmings:"L-Luke." I breathe shakily, squeezing my eyes shut as pleasure takes over me while grasping his blonde locks a bit. His tongue flicks up and down my almost swollen, sensitive clit in a slow rhythm. I breathe in and out quietly as I shiver. "B-baby." I whimper as Luke begins to move his tongue up and down my slit. I squirm and he groans a bit before hooking his arms around my legs from under them to keep me still. I lean back against the pillow and moan out loud once he begins to thrust his tongue in and out of me, licking my juices as he does so. "Shhh, princess." He coos breathlessly against my throbbing lower half, gripping my thighs with his fingers. I breathe in before looking down at him after he begins kiss my inner thigh. "Just breathe and let me work, baby. Please." He whispers, gently, while staring at me with dark, royal blue eyes.
  • Michael Clifford:"F-fuck, (Y/N)." Michael mumbles as I bob my head up and down slowly, creating the right friction for him. My tongue swipes over the tip of his cock and he moans. "Jesus." He whispers under his breath, arching his back up from the bed, making me gag a bit. "You're doing so good, kitten." He whispers as his thumb caresses my cheekbone. I remove his cock out of my mouth and begin to pepper it with kisses. Once I begin to lick the top of his erected member, Michael gasps before closing his eyes. I move my hands to his balls and play with them gently. The veins of his cock are evident now. "(Y-Y/N)..." He moans squeakily and I giggle a bit. I straddle his legs while still fondling with his balls before kissing his soft stomach. Michael then whines. "Kitten, you're killing me here." He cries out once I begin to pump him. I smirk at him. "Mikey, you have to be patient."
  • Calum Hood:"Oh God..." I moan softly and Calum chuckles lowly. He moves his tongue slowly up and down my slit and I nearly lose myself right there. "Cal..." I whisper, running my fingers through his hair. I shudder once his tongue moves to my clit and licks around it. I push myself into his face, whimpering like a mess. He grips my hips while making loud licking noises and breathing heavily. The pleasure is mouth watering. "B-babe, oh god y-yes." I moan as he begins to flick faster on my clit. His tongue and teeth begin to take turns with my clit, nipping or licking at the swollen bud. I tug at his hair while throwing my head back against the pillow, crying "yes" over and over again. My legs begin to shake a little. Calum groans gently as he slides his tongue into my pussy and I whimper, closing my eyes. "You taste so good, pretty girl," He whispers, pulling me closer to him by my hips, gently. "So fucking good, baby."
  • Ashton Irwin:"Christ, baby." Ashton says, quietly, while putting his hand on the wall behind me to support him. I suck gently on his cock while bobbing my head back and forth. I give him a fast and slow pace and he moans. "You're such a good girl, baby." He whispers gently, while running his finger through my hair. I hold his thighs to steady myself while giving him the friction he needs. He breathes heavily while grasping my hair gently. "Just like that, (Y/N)- fuck." Ashton whimpers, closing his eyes hard. I move faster, almost pushing him in deeper. I slide my hands over to his center, moving them to his balls. He gasps and jolts a bit once I grasp them firmly. I move slowly, almost letting his cock out. "Mmmmm b-baby girl." He moans as his muscles flexed. I remove him from my mouth and he whimpers. "No, baby, n-no." Ashton whines to me and I begin to lick his penis. I smile as I lick his pre-cum. "Does daddy want me to finish him off?" I ask, looking up at him with innocent eyes.