“I think people who can truly live a life in music are telling the world, “You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don’t need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it’s the very best, and it’s the part I give.”

George Harrison

A amizade é um amor que nunca morre. Um amor que renasce todos os dias, um amor que nos une, nos mantem unidas. Um amor que nos faz ignorar os defeitos, ou até mesmo transformá-los em qualidades. Amizade é um amor que nos faz valorizar, respeitar, cuidar, mimar, apoiar, aconselhar. Mesmo com milhões de brigar e discussões, o amor da nossa amizade a transforma na mais bonita. 

I’ve never been able to fall asleep alone.
When I was younger and lived with my parents I would sneak out of my bedroom after the rest of the house was asleep and I would crawl beneath my brother’s desk and sleep there.
I may be alone in my apartment tonight
but when I am one with this poetry.
I am surrounded by people.
I am surrounded by stories.
And families.
And ex-lover’s…
future lovers
and current lovers
and myself.
So tonight, I am not alone.

The ocean tappers down
The people swing
And sing on the gallows
The ocean swells and turns
And the ice cracks
The whips on their back
The gallows croak and moan
Spastic moves
Feet dangling
Oh hayeho
Go down swinging

Mas não te procuro mais, nem corro atrás. Deixo-te livre para sentir minha falta, se é que faço falta… Tens meu número, na verdade, meu coração, então se sentir vontade de falar comigo ou me ver, me procura você.

Caio Fernando Abreu ()

Call It Poetey

Despite the rules of Poetry, Words that have feeling and are strung together to have meaning, if it makes you feel something inside, then it is poetic.
It is poetry.

Because tennis without a net is still tennis,
it’s just a pickup match in the alley.
Tennis without a net is still Tennis,
sure it looks a little neater in a court with lines and a net,
but maybe the game in an alley has a little more to it than you’re giving it credit.

Poetry is words read in a rhythm and it is words strung together To make it sound Better, but I can write about to roads in the forrest all day and I can write about those two roads and the feeling and thoughts they provoked in a rhythm and a meter and rhyme to complete it, but if I never felt a thing,
can you still say it’s poetry?

Frost was so in the box he never had the chance to breathe
He was bound by rules and rhythms and iambs and So many things that he criticised those who dared to break away the chains
So write your 6 words, 5 words, 10 words or 12
Write your 1 line, 2 lines, 20 lines, or 100
Write your lists of reasons and your do and don'ts
Shred the box and throw It down to hell
Write what makes you feel, what makes you breath
Then call it what it is
Call it poetry

Mind shattering

Eventually chosen
I am in a troubled spot
Never act on the devils plug
I am afraid they will never find out
Split personality
Depends on the mood I am in
Put em together and it’s lunacy
Emerge from the darkness
I’m the general of griffins
I am on another level they will never find out
I was ment to be frozen, acid, corrosion
Flying by the wind
Among the church
Hells army, the Gods servants
Mental explosion
Heart full of rage
The general of a griffin army.