When I first started stitching I was lucky enough to have coffee with Miki Karson. She specializes in dense, vibrant embroideries that sell for thousands of dollars in galleries.

I asked her about her process. She said there wasn’t one. A picture showed up in her head and she would make it. I asked how she knew which ideas were worthwhile and which ones she should scrap. She said if she wasn’t excited about something, she didn’t make it. I asked her how to get over my fear of color (I have a terrible time worrying over what colors should be in a piece together) and lamented that I was only making single color pieces at the time because of it. She told me that if I love the things I’m making and how I go about making them, then there was nothing to worry about. Other people might do things differently, but that doesn’t make them right - or wrong. Just make things that make you happy. The end. 

One of the technical things I asked her was how she organized her floss. She didn’t. She kept all her floss in a huge drawer. Expensive silks next to cheap cotton next to linen next to rayon. When she started a new project she would reach in, and the first thing she picked up would be what she would start with.

This post made me think of that conversation. I just thought it would be nice to share it. :)

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She’s always just come across as a raging narcissist to me, even before that whole debacle. I mean, her new book is advertised with her smugly leaning on it like the big smug smug-y she is. (I’m so eloquent today.)

Moranthology? Yeah. Plus she works for Rupert Murdoch (at the Times). It’s just sad that one of the most popular feminist books of the time is written by someone who just doesn’t really seem to bothered with correcting past mistakes of it, or moving forward.

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I don’t think she’s a very good “feminist”. Apparently she said that when she hears a woman walking in heels late at night, all she can think is that they’re going to get raped.

That is fucking disgusting. It’s so scary that a woman who doesn’t understand the importance of intersectionality and thinks there is a situation in which a woman puts herself to be raped is (at least in the bookshop where I work) the one “feminist” book that we’ve sold consistently since it’s release to a massive spectrum of people.

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Thanks for the "like". The more I look at and read your work, the more overwhelmed and jealous I become (in a good way!)

Your work is awesome and I love seeing your beautiful embroidery come up on my dash :) Thanks for the lovely message, totally made my morning brighter!

All of a sudden a silly patch I made to make a friend smile has nearly 5000 notes (and the coveted/reviled “vintage/grunge” tag), I have nearly 30 new followers, and my Etsy has 25 admirers.

This is overwhelmingly wonderful. What would be even more wonderful is if someone would do me the honour of making the first ever purchase from my Etsy shop. There are new products in the works to be added very very soon.

Don’t forget I accept commissions! Message me on here or drop me a line at katerolison@googlemail.com , and I will do my darndest to create you an original embroidered artwork you’ll love.

Here is an example of my commissioned work:


I’m off to Pip’s now, bringing back Friday is Pie Day and spending all day sewing and lazing. It’s gonna be perfection.