So.. i was playing with some photo editing tool a while back, first photo. And i really liked the look of it.  So I decided to make a series of it. I call it INVERTED. 

Fancy me - High waisted skirt

Well lately I have been looking for a change of style.. well actually a more mature style of what I already have. So i have been designing and making some stuff especially for myself. Not for others just for me.

So from time to time I will upload stuff i have made.. starting with this pretty little skirt made out of Bogolan cloth. I am kind of obsessed with this material. 


If you want to make it yourself.. instead of me making a whole video myself.. check out this link for instruction.. This is just basic.. just choose your own fabric and go with it


In my natural habitat


A view months back, Priscilla Macintosh, founder of the New ART Night collective and Cindy Baar, Photographer of Quitebuttery, came up with the great idea of photographing the artists that are part of the collective in their natural habitat. Like a still that changes with each frame.

First up was I&I, Miss Kent, founder and designer for the Accessories label Poema Jones. I was really psyched by this idea, because I got to style myself and use pieces that i’ve collected through the years in my home as props for the shoot. It was really nice to see kind of a distilled version of me in my Natural habitat. 

Of course i had to integrate some of my own designs:  the Chaka Khan earrings, the Djengis crochet rastahat and the pillow cases.

I myself am in love with these picture. Cindy did a really really great job and capturing the vibe of I&I and my habitat. Hope you guys like it too. 



Watch on poemajones.tumblr.com

New New New  Poema Jones - SHEILA E. - earrings