I thought of you for a moment
when my head hit the pillow,
even though I was busy, even
thought I was tired.

My day is closing, and you
were a part of it, so I’m saying
goodbye at the end of it.

I hope when your eyes
close, the peace is

—  anne, behind the curtain of a goodnight text
You asked me what I saw in her, and I wondered what you didn’t see in her. I saw the way her lips bloomed into this life altering smile. How she never let anyone close to her, like she was protecting her heart even though it had already been torn apart. She looked me in the eyes and I swear I saw an entire universe through her glimmering pupils. I felt earthquakes inside myself when she said my name. I can’t live without her the way anyone can’t live without a liver. She’s pretty when she’s tired and even when she looks like she can no longer carry the bags under her eyes. I miss her when I’m with her and I miss her when I’m not. She’s so fierce and she never hides behind anyone. She has so much love inside her, I can tell because when she talks about her father, she starts to give off light. She touched me one time and my bruises weren’t tender anymore, and all my wounds closed up. Sometimes she smiles this genuine smile, and it disappears as soon as I blink. Her laugh helps me breathe when my lungs are giving up. I look at her, stars on her skin, the milky way in her eyes, and I swear she’s part of the sky. She tucks all her feelings behind her ear and I love her for it. When someone asked me for my address I almost said her name. When she’s sad she still smiles with teeth. When she’s happy birds start to sing. I go home and cry about her in the shower. You asked me why I loved her and I asked you why you didn’t.
—  M.O.W, You asked me why I loved her and I asked you why you didn’t

You are not afraid to lengthen your weapons
when the nest of their threats neighbour your pride.
You are allowed to welcome your worth
and praise it like the chief necessity for survival.
In character with the tusks of an elephant,

you will display the ivory that sculpts your strength.
But hunters with an appetite for such force
will slaughter for your teeth,
in order to sculpt their own.

Like the elephant, 

you must fight to survive the hunt.
Because for your tusks they will knock you down.
How hard they will try to knock you down.

—  Alessia Di Cesare, Tusks are a blessing. They are a curse. 
There’s no break pedal on a
motor boat - just forward
and reverse. I think sailing
on love is like that - there’s
no breaking, so instead,
people use hate as a sort of
‘reverse’ to stop the full-
forward run of loving a
person who found a way to
stop loving you.
—  anne, I hate him.
I know I wasn’t your first option or your last. But, I promise to be the very best option you have ever chosen. And I will love you until you don’t want me to anymore. I will give you kisses until you won’t let me anymore. I will tell you that you’re everything I need until I realize that you aren’t. I will tell you I love you over and over again until I realize that you won’t love me. I know I wasn’t your first option or your last. But, I promise I won’t ever be an option but a prize.

He looks at me and sees poetry

Eyes look into eyes- eyes look into galaxies
Beauty marks are moons - Pupils black holes
Exploding stars - entire nebulas
Significance and insignificance - paradox personified
He compares himself to Armstrong
When he looks at me.

lips are shore lines - barring raging seas
kisses like sea foam - fading as fast as bubbles
Skin is a landscape - fingers travelers trailing
Spine arches - skin stretched on bones begging to breath
He calls himself Columbus
When we touch

I dance on spiderwebs and dress myself in petals
I draw lines in invisible sand
I am lonely words on tear streaked paper
footprints before tides
fallen fruit waiting for rot

he doesn’t see me
he sees illusions
children’s dreams
adolescent yearnings
adult escape
he doesn’t see me
he sees poetry

One of those days...

It was one of those days
When the world seemed at your feet
Like the sun was shining solely for you,
And dreams were starting to come to life.
It was one of those days
When everything seemed endless,
Life, love, happiness.
When dreams seemed to realize themselves.
It was one of those days,
You know the ones
When everything seems possible…


You know those days too.
When something happens,
Like a light switch in your brain,
And possible becomes
And everything is nothing
And hope evaporates
Back up into that secret place
Where it lives
In that quiet corner
Of the universe
That we’re all always searching for.

It was one of those days.

Original Work: KH 9/15/14

The only truth
in this life is death
and how you manage
to carry that heavy shadow
without losing your will to live.

Everyone will try
to persuade you, one way
or another, because nobody is
comfortable in their own skin when they know it’s all temporary—
like a summer romance.

We all live in a cocoon that’s surrounded by a secure fog,
to blur out reality and all the misery
that would drive anyone mad,
but one day it will all be erased
by a soft ray of the Sun’s truth.

—  the answer lies within - j.b.
this is a poem

about time and space
curving around you
like a permanent tidal
wave. doesn’t stop 
for a breath. doesn’t
release you for oxygen
for air even when you’re
suffocating. blues and 
greens until you want 
to scream. you’re caught
in a timeline of seaweed
clutching your ankles
while you kick for the shore

what time is it?
never know anymore.
the permanent tides
laugh as they chase
you to sleep again
and you try to rid your
mind of the trickling
rhythm of the clock
the methodic tick-tock
but it will never stop.