What no one mentions is that Eve was a storyteller—storymaker.
they said that God made woman naturally curious—
they don’t mention that Eve discovered her thighs
before adam could discover his hands—doesn’t that tell you something?
When Adam discovered his thighs, Eve discovered what was
between hers.
Adam discovered his manhood while Eve discovered magic.
Adam wandered the gardens looking for god—
Eve wondered about god—Eve played with god.
She discovered disgust, she discovered wanting,
taking, hoarding, stealing, loving.
This is Eve in her hidden glory—
The Eve who you have never heard of—
This is the Eve who didn’t need a snake to eat the apple—
This is the Eve who cried. “there was no snake, it was all me.”
when the men started writing their own versions.
This is the Eve who didn’t care if Adam ate it or not.
This is the Eve who longed for something more than Adam.
Imagine people knew that Eve did not fall prey to sin.
Imagine people knew that she was the predator.
Imagine we found out that Eve knew what she was doing.
Imagine how dangerous that would be.
—  Salma Deera, Eve Knew What She Was Doing
  1. There are some souls out there whose hearts sing as beautifully as sirens; their songs are not to be trusted, for they are sung out from lungs laced with poison.
    Breathing in your lullabies tasted sweet on my tongue, but infected my veins with bitterness.

    2. Fingertips as intense as a flame should caress one’s skin in small doses. You lit me up without warning, and I still bear burn scars to this day.

    3.In every relationship, there has always been a pistol cocked and fully loaded with bullets carved from distrust.
    I deserve someone who does not constantly point the barrel at me and keep their finger on the trigger, someone who will set the gun down and try and patch up past wounds in an attempt to create no more like them—and so do you.

    4. No matter how much armor one may believe they possess—built up over time by subjecting their bodies to hands not fit to touch them—, lovers have the capability of cracking that steel skin, breaking and entering into a pristine temple.
    I will never be able to look in the mirror and see the curves along my hips and chest as something more than what they meant to you: simple delight for the eye, not giving what was beneath my exterior a second glance.

    5. ‘Love’ is a word too often tossed out of careless mouths.
    You were no different.
—  what loving you has taught me // Haley Hendrick
It took every ounce of my body to not go after you when you left.
I cried for months.
I shut everyone out.
Nobody could save me, so I tried saving myself.
Little did I know that my definition of “saving” left me with inch deep wounds that would leave white scars all over my body.
Little did I know that I hurt others when I was hurting myself.
Im never going to go back to that, or you, again.

It’s been two years and seven days since I tried to leave this earth.
I am here.
I am alive.


Some days I just miss you
and that’s all it is,
missing you.
I’m tired of speaking through
Because what I’m feeling
isn’t poetic.
It’s just the lingering
emptiness of someone you
It’s almost as if I died
but you keep me alive by
teasing me
with your presence
and I hate you for that.
—  ikb ‘no poetry’
Its scary to talk about his strength when I am so weak.
His emotional stamina is beyond what I could bare.
But I can look at him and see what really makes him beautiful.
Not everyone notices the cute crooked teeth, because to get that big of a smile is a blessing in itself,
I am lucky just to be in his presence.
Full set of eyelashes that distract you when he wants to stare, or that stay clumped together minutes after a shower.
His eyes, no piercing color, but such depth and experience, they make him an honest man.
The scruff on his jaw, it gives him age and when brushed against, gives me chills.
Guys like him don’t always give the chance to love. One night is usually enough.
But as i kiss him goodnight, and i stare at him in the morning,
I know there is no place he’d rather be than by my side. And for once in my life, that feels just fine.
—  karspaced