All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.
She’s the one. She’s the girl who reads tons of books and loves sunsets. She’s the girl who drinks tea after a big meal so that she can go to sleep nicely. She’s the girl who writes all the time but never shares her thoughts to people. She’s the girl you can tell anything to and know she truly cares about what you have to say. She’s the girl who isn’t afraid of thunderstorms or spiders. She’s the girl that will blast her music so loud even she couldn’t scream high enough to compete with the volume. She’s the one who could sit on a rooftop all night and watch the city lights for hours. Hearing every car go by and wondering where they are going. She’s the one. Don’t let her go.
—  paxadisee


nothing about this is sign is the same,
they are not violent,
but they are wrathful and protective,
you have gained a loyal guardian when you love them.


hard-headed but not hard-hearted,
they’ll kiss your wounds,
give you compromises when they love you,
they are the pillow for you to rest on.


they are graceful when they love,
trying to hide themselves away,
when they love you,
they will give you every bit of them.


a nurturer at heart,
they keep you wrapped in soft silks and warm blankets,
this is someone who will take care of you,
no matter what you do.  


In love they are aggressive,
they are reserved,
a walking contradiction,
who loves loving you.


picky picky picky,
it doesn’t matter once they settle on you,
they will devote themselves,
you would be a worthy god for their religion to be built upon.


they are quick to isolate themselves,
they will go out of their way to make sure,
that you never have to do that,
they are oh-so loyal to you.


so often confused as callous,
they do not know how to express emotion,
but they will hold you tight at night,
and fend off your monsters for you.


they are rapid and animalistic,
protective and loving,
their growls are signs of love,
rough but never hurtful.


they will work hard to make you feel secure,
make you feel loved,
this sign is emotional,
they want to preserve you and raise you up.


they have so much to give,
their potential to love completely is beyond belief,
they are the water-bearer,
but they are just as prepared to bear your weight as well.


this sign will lose themselves in you,
but let you do the same,
they can be a shelter for you,
and hide you from the world.

—  the signs in love; l.m.

I heard you’re seeing someone new.

Last night, they asked me if we were still friends. I said no, because that’s the truth. It never worked out.
That’s when I learned about her.
I saw the pictures and you’re holding her hand in most of them and you two seem to fit together perfectly.
I really wanted to be angry but I couldn’t really find those feelings in myself. Instead I felt happy, and loosing you, stopped feeling like a loss.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I’m happy because you’ve finally let yourself love something that wouldn’t be the end of you. You finally stepped out in the open, to meet her somewhere in the middle and I’m happy because it’s what your mother would have wanted. She would have loved to see it, you there in the open, with all that bravery of yours, of hers.
I know your mother would have been very proud of you. She is proud of you, even from up there.
I’m happy because you deserve love like that and she’s handing it to you, like it’s all she has.
I hope that somewhere you find yourself thinking that you should have done this all much sooner, I hope that somewhere you find yourself thinking that some things are worth bleeding for. I hope you tell yourself that love is always going to be one of them.

—  I Heard You’re Seeing Someone New // thewordsyouneverunderstood

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you don’t expect.

The worst is when you don’t even consider it an option, because four months ago he was telling you that you were the love of his life and now the word forever isn’t even uttered from his lips. Four months ago he was looking at you like you put the sun in the sky and now he looks at you like he cant wait for the sun to set and leave the skies over his head.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you dread. You feel it leaking into every crevice of your heart and you’ll try not to talk because you can hardly take a breath in, let alone beg him to stay while he’s stabbing wounds like “it’s over” and “I can’t do this anymore”. You’re holding in your tears and replacing them with anger and words with a lot more bite than bark like “fine okay leave Jesus Christ I don’t even want you anymore”. And he’ll look at you all sad because you both know you’re lying but God fuck if he’s going to leave then just rip off the fucking band aid don’t wait around to see if the wound will heal.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that echoes through your body months later because he left his fingerprints on parts of your body that you couldn’t expect like the back of your eyelids or the spaces between your fingertips. The worst kind of good bye is the kind that enters like a bullet but crawls it’s way out like blood from a cut. You feel it everywhere and you let it haunt you because you’d rather picture him saying “good bye” a million times than not be able to see him at all.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that he left you, because no matter what you do you can’t seem to press the right buttons to rewind or close your fists hard enough to shove the words back into his mouth and replace it with the love you could’ve sworn he once felt.

—  You could’ve sworn that good bye wasn’t even a line in your story, but suddenly it’s filled up every page you were supposed to leave for the future.