Spell your name in song titles.

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My Skin - Natalie Merchant
Every You, Every Me - Placebo
Goodnight, Travel Well - The Killers
Agape - Bear’s Den
New York City - Among Savages

I love cruising through my iTunes.

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Yo…so I was tagged by the lovely ladies iansthugmuffin and pranceworthy for the 20 beautiful women challenge!  I was going to pass, but then I was like what the hell, so…  The middle one is of me and my little cousin Myles who I call my nephew, and I just had to post because he’s already a lady killer at 3.  Love him. <3

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podzol (right) next to grass (zebra) in Coterie for 1.7.

uuhh.. hey Coterie maker, can we have something that looks more like pinestraw or brownish in color for this? We were just discussing podzol in broville last night and it’s many uses and.. well if it looks like grass.. its wasting a block for us.

I’d prefer it to look like pinestraw.

Wikipedia has this to say about podzol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podzol

In soil science, podzols (known as Spodosols in China and the United States of America, Espodossolos in Brazil, and Podosols in Australia) are the typical soils of coniferous, or boreal forests.

Now.. where it’s true that grass will grow on this… I’d say this is a PERFECT interpretation to make it a “pine straw” covered block.

Ex Podzolia

Voorbij Diemen begint het einde van de wereld. Tussen de Vechtstreek en de Oeral strekt zich een dunbevolkte negorij uit, bewoond door stugge keuterboeren die generatie na generatie ploeteren op armzalige zandgronden. Als sprankelende meteorieten zijn in dit zich over vier tijdzones uitstrekkende mega-Drenthe nog Berlijn, Warschau en Moskou terecht gekomen. Eilanden van mondaine cultuur te midden van de grove dennen, heidevelden en pingoruïnes.

De Franse historicus Fernand Braudel schreef in de jaren ‘40 een driedelige studie over het Middellandse Zeegebied in de zestiende eeuw, een totaalgeschiedenis waarin de lange tijdlijnen en het evenementaire met elkaar verbonden worden tegen de achtergrond van de fascinerende landschappen rondom de Mediterrannee. Zoiets heeft nog niemand getracht te doen voor de zandgronden van Nederland, Duitsland, Polen, de Baltische staten en Rusland.

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Spell your name with song titles

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L ove Again- Pentatonix 

I nfinity Street - Richard Walters

Z ebras and Airplanes - Alicia Keys

Z ero to Hero - Cast of Hercules

I mpossible - Shontelle

E volution of Beyoncé - Pentatonix

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I was tagged by podzolle who is like part of my squaaaaad (thanks for tagging mee!)

1. Favorite pair of shoes?

l’m obsessed with my new pair of Steve Madden pumps lol.

2. Latest or current food craving?

l’m actually eating the biggest fucking poutine known to mankind right now, even though I really shouldn’t because I still have to fit into my prom dress. oh well.

3. What should you be doing right now instead of dickin’ around on tumblr?

Writing an essay, reading four shitty French books and finishing a huge pile of homework.

4. Most stressful period of your life?

Now because no one is fucking answering any of my damn 50000 texts and it’s stressing me the fuck out :D

5. Are you closer with your mom or with your dad?

My mom. She’s literally my twin, I mean she looooves them dirty jokes, listens to popular music and goes on long rants about Shameless and how much she adores Mickey Milkovich.

6. You’re at a bar, what do you order first?


7. If you could be with one person right now, who would it be?


8. Something you’ve always wanted to do, but never did?

Murder. I’ve always wanted to punch this girl. I’ve already pulled her hair and ripped off a part of her extensions, but I’ve always wanted to fully punch her in the face, you know?

9. Will you take my hand?

If it’s take your hand in marriage, then it’s a yes. If it’s not, it’s also a yes.

10. Do you trust me? (I CAN SHOW YOU THE WOOOOORRLLLD)


11. What’s a movie you’re embarrassed to love?

l have no clue hahaha, let’s say Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

My questions:

1. What was the last lie you told?

2. If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?

3. Best compliment you’ve ever received?

4. What’s your favorite word?

5. What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

6. What’s the weirdest thing about you?

7. Last thing you bought?

8. TV show you secretly enjoy?

9. Describe yourself in 3 words.

10. Most frequent song played?

11. Opinion on meeeee?

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Alright. Let’s do this.

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1) A song written about you or a painting of you?
Like… that I relate to right? Because nobody does artistic stuff for me. Ooof. I’m going to have to get my iPod for this…

2) What’s your idea of the perfect date?
Really chill, probably. I like the invite over to watch movies at your place, eat dinner and goof around - get to know each other, stay up for hours talking. That’s the perfect date, tbh.

3) Jeans or sweat pants?
SWEAT PANTS ALWAYS. Well, I wish. Unfortuneatly work exisits so…

4) The most annoying thing about?
I’m super, super, super day dreamy. I completely live in my head and half the time I’m not listening to anything that anyone is saying to me. I don’t know how many people notice… but I think it’s a pretty annoying thing about me. (Except it’s okay for me, I don’t mind it haha)

5)If you have all the money you need, what would be the first & most important thing you’d get and why?
I have a lot of really practical answers for this (because I’m just that kind of person…), but I’m going to go for the ‘treat yo self’ side of this. I would buy a place ticket… and then a bunch of plane tickets. If there is one thing I want in my life it is to see the world and experience all I can, so that is what I would.

6) A song that never fails to get through to you no matter how you feel?
Oh wow. Hurt by Johnny Cash (well, the version by Johnny Cash). The raw emotion in his voice… just wow. Everytime.

7) A musician or writer?
Myself? Uhm, writer probably. I do like playing instruments though. I have a guitar and I used to play violin so that was pretty cool. In someone else? I definitely have a thing for musicians……… whoops.

8) Have you ever had a supernatural experience? If you have then pls tell, if you haven’t then what was the most freightening experience you had?
Oh wow. Well, I live with a ghost, so… there’s that. They’re kind of an asshole though and just likes to fuck around with the volume on the tv or changes the input. Sometimes they’ll knock down pictures or things in the house. I’m pretty sure they like to tease the dog all the time too because he’ll (the dog) bark at the ghost sometimes or refuse to go into/out of certain rooms when the ghost is around. Sometimes you can see them sitting in the kitchen early in the morning or really late at night. Yeah. They aren’t so scary though, so.

9) Diving or sky diving?
SKY DIVING! I’m not really fond of swimming/water.

10) Your favorite comfort food?
Rice Krispies :) Yum. My dad and I used to wake up early on weekends and fill up our bowls until they were spilling over and then eat our Rice Krispies together. Best comfort food in the world.

11) What do you think of first impressions? are they always true? care to elaborate?
Uhm… yes and no. I wouldn’t say first impressions are right because some people are just awkward and come of wrong the first time, but I do believe that if you have an initial gut reaction to someone, that is generally true.


1) Favorite pair of shoes?
My adidas runners! Ah. The best. I wear them a lot, especially for when I go hiking and camping (which is a lot)

2)Latest or current food craving?
I found a recipe online a few days ago for an eggplant lasgana wrap! Nom. I’m making it for supper tonight and I am very excited.

3) What should you be doing right now instead of dickin’ around on tumblr?
Nothing! It’s my free time! Well…. maybe I should be working on a couple things… or exercising… or cleaning. Ugh. Adulthood is neverending.

4) Most stressful period of your life?
Middle School/High School. Not because of school, but a lot of bad shit going on in home life and I’m very glad it’s past.

5) Are you closer with your mom or with your dad?
Dad, easy. We are the same person and it’s so weird. I talk to my dad probably more than anyone else… it’s like how most girls are with their moms, you know? Gilmore Girls if Lorelai was Rory’s dad. We’re pretty close.

6) You’re at a bar, what do you order first?
Water, a ceaser, or a beer. Depends on the day.

7) If you could be with one person right now, who would it be?
Today? Nobody. I’m a very comfortable loner, so I go days/weeks without wanting to be around people.

8) Something you’ve always wanted to do, but never did?
Go on a backpacking trip! I have a few I’m looking into though so hopefully this will be accomplished in the next couple years.

9) Will you take my hand?

10) Do you trust me? (I CAN SHOW YOU THE WOOOOORRLLLD)

11) What’s a movie you’re embarrassed to love?
Oh wow…….. uhm…….. I liked Click. So there’s that. I don’t like to mention it too often.

OKAY. I’m terrible at writing questions so I’m leaving it here I think.


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I was tagged by redexcess and this-aint-macys-bitch

Redexcess’s questions:

1. Do you prefer to shower in the morning, or before bed? I’d prefer before bed but I shower in the morning.

2. Were there any TV shows you weren’t allowed to watch as a kid? Nope, it was a free for all. No restrictions on any media. I do not recommend that as a parenting style. It think it warped my brain.

3. What do you like on your pizza? Sausage, black olives and mushrooms

4. Do you know how to drive standard? I don’t know how to drive, period!

5. Pepsi or Coke? Coke, preferably diet coke

6. Have you ever had a really embarrassing e-mail address? OMG. Yes. Gather round children and let me tell you a story. It is the year is 2000 and I was 21. Online dating has just hit the mainstream. I sign up and make my handle a shortform of my name plus my middle initial and birth year. AnaL79. Yes. Yes I did that being 100% innocent and naive. I immediately had HUNDREDS of likes and profile saves. I thought I was the fucking shit. Then shortly after the non-stop barrage of messages started coming in about anal sex. Horrible, graphic, shocking messages (with many thinking a 79 was about rimming.) Oh my god. It took me a VERY long time to realize what I had gotten myself into. Looking back I can’t even fathom that I was ever that stupid.

7. What is your favorite season? Fall

8. Do you floss? Not often enough

9. What kind of cell phone do you have? Iphone 5

10. Do you have a lucky number? 8

11. Where was the last place you traveled to? The Rocky Mountains

This-ain’t-macys-bitch’s questions

Would you rather relive a bad memory or delete a good one? Delete a good one

2. Speak all languages in the world or be able to communicate with all animals? Speak all the languages

3. Eat JUST your favorite food for the rest of your life or never eat it again? Um, never eat it again because I’d start hating it.

4. Be 5 inches taller than you are now, or 5 inches shorter? 5 inches taller for sure.

5. Be able to fly or read people’s minds? Movies and tv have taught me that I wouldn’t want to read people’s minds so fly.

6. Own 20 of your favorite animal or one action figure-sized mythical creature of your choice? A tiny unicorn could be cool.

7. Live in a world with no day, or live in a world with no night? All night every night

8. Lose an arm or a leg? This is hard—I do sit and lie down a lot so maybe a leg?
9. Lose your voice or lose your sight?
I’ve thought about this a lot–Lose my voice.
Ok these last two are nasty af just warning you guys but you HAVTA answer them!

10. Would you rather have a shot of fresh warm vomit or a large glass of someone else’s pee I’ll go with pee because it’s sterile.

11. Eat a chocolate covered eyeball or a chocolate covered tongue  A tongue—but why does it have to be chocolate covered?
( I know I know I’m disgusting but answer them!)

My Questions

What’s your favourite mobile phone game app?

Describe your favourite outfit

Have you ever had a nightmare dating experience?

Do you have a hobby?

Name the last song you bought or downloaded

What’s your favourite reality show?

Do you like to cook?

How long is your hair?

What kind of computer do you have?

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

What languages do you speak?

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Name: sophia-ann

Nickname: sophia, sophie, soph, sac, jean coutu, so, soso

Birthday: september 2

Star sign: virgo

Sexual Orientation: who knows

Country of Residence: québec, canada

Favourite color: red, blue, black

Time and date at the current moment: april 16, 4:40 pm

Average hrs of sleep: 6-7 when school, 8 when no school

Lucky number: 2, 4, 12, 24

The last thing I googled: “loi sur la protection du consommateur”

One place that makes me happy: my bed

How many blankets do I sleep under: 2, a heavy and a light one bc you never know, this country has a very shitty weather

Favourite fictional character(s): mickey milkovich, mandy milkovich, james cook, effy stonem, the belcher family, pacey witter, bellamy blake, katie fitch, fiona gallagher

Favourite famous person: kaya scodelario

Celebrity crush: kaya scodelario (+ cameron monaghan duh)

Favourite books: i’m a huge bookworm, i love french and english classics and basically anything from biographies to fiction to whatever, i’m not difficult 

Favourite animes: -

Favourite shows: shameless, skins, parks and rec, bob’s burgers, htgawm, b99, got, mmfd, nikita, chuck, faking it, dawson’s creek, ahs, bates motel, gg, himym, miranda, oth, sherlock, the fosters, tvd, tw

Favourite musician/band: lana del rey, marina and the diamonds, florence + the machine, daughter

Favourite games: -

Last movie I’ve seen in the cinema: the wedding ringer

Dream Holiday: scotland

Dream job: queen

Wearing right now: shorts for the first time in months bc the weather is actually pretty normal rn!

Last Book I read: les enfants de la liberté by marc levy

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podzolle asked:

Ok so I finished bitb and liiiiike SOOOO MANY SEASON 5 PARALLELS. you just rewrote some scenes I had to put my phone down and go for a walk around the room. I think you wrote the most perfect "I love you" I've read in fanfiction, I mean MICKEY FUCKING KNEADING IAN'S CHEST LIKE A CAT OMG I LOST MY FUCKING MIND. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how great BITB is was will be be forever!!! (it's downloaded and in my iBook library) YOU'RE THE BEST.

honestly, I just spent half my time thinking how I could work in the worst parts of season 5 in a way that didn’t make me want to barf. I like to think I was borderline successful. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING I LOVE YOU!


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I was tagged by clumsy, stagmania and redexcess.  I don’t think Shannon posted questions, and after eeny, meeny, miny, moe - I’m answering Catherine’s questions!

1. Do you prefer to shower in the morning, or before bed? - Both.  I’m one of those, you know, the hygiene-phobe who constantly needs to feel clean in order to think straight.  So, I shower twice a day.

2. Were there any TV shows you weren’t allowed to watch as a kid? - Nope.  My mom and dad were pretty open about letting me watch whatever.  I’m their only child, so they obliged me, let me watch things like Tales from the Crypt.  This is why I have a serious penchant for the Horror genre.  Plus I grew up in a neighborhood where I saw worse things on the streets…

3. What do you like on your pizza? - Extra cheese, peppers and onions.

4. Do you know how to drive standard? - I’m guessing by “standard” you mean a stick shift?  Hell nah, lol.  

5. Pepsi or Coke? - I don’t drink soda.

6. Have you ever had a really embarrassing e-mail address? - Nope.  I’ve had the same one for well over ten years (it’s dope), and the other one before that was pretty cool too.

7. What is your favorite season? - Fall

8. Do you floss? - Occasionally when I remember to.

9. What kind of cell phone do you have? - Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android)

10. Do you have a lucky number? - Nah

11. Where was the last place you travelled to? - Palm Springs, California

Here are my questions:

1. What is your favorite song currently?

2. Coffee or tea?

3. When was the last time you cried?

4. Nice eyes or nice lips?

5. If you had to choose one food to eat every day, what would it be?

6. What is the name of the last book you read?

7. What is the name of the last movie you watched?

8. If there was one thing you could improve about yourself, what would it be?

9. What is your most creative/unique talent?

10. What is your eye color?

11. Would you rather take a walk on the beach, or a stroll through the city?

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podzolle yup, for real! It’s pretty meh. I live with three other people are we’ve all seen the ghost a few times (plus most people who stay the night at our place). I never used to believe in ghosts before I lived here either so… yeah. gallaghermilkovichfeels An exorcism!! That’s terrifying…. yeah, no, the ghost isn’t so bad. They don’t actually do anything other than be a little annoying sometimes… I mean, it was freaky at first but you get used to it.