Seven-year-old Allen has a problem many of us face: He would like to be half-man, half-cheetah, but he doesn’t know where to begin. Does the technology exist to give him the spots, speed, adorable nose and tail missing from boring, old human beings?

Sort of, says Nicola Barber, a geneticist at the University of Utah. (She also tells How To Do Everything that, “ethically, absolutely we should not be doing this,” but let’s just ignore that.) Hybrids are easier when the combined species are genetically closer, which is how we already have lion-tiger hybrids — tigons and ligers. We, too, thought they were just a thing in Napoleon Dynamite.

Barber says giving a human the speed of a cheetah isn’t going to happen, because that involves so many different genes that would need to be altered. There is hope for Allen, though. Spots are within the realm of possibility.

Listen to the latest episode of How To Do Everything to find out how.

Tigons And Ligers And Boys, Oh My!

Illustration by Justine Witte for NPR

Highlights of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Ep. 109 “Pimento”

Guests this episode are Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, writer/director/bride-to-be Tom Schnauz, Jonathan Banks (Mike), and Michael Mando (Nacho).

  • Michael Mando didn’t find out that “Mijo” was Tuco until the day before shooting episode 102.
  • Back in episode 102, Nacho saying “May I?” before taking the wire cutters from Tuco wasn’t in the script.
  • Much like Rhea Seehorn, Mando spent time on the set even when he wasn’t in scenes, studying the show and the actors.
  • The dummy side (fake scene) for Mando’s audition, written by assistant writer Heather Marion, was about a guy in a bar who wanted a USB key from a person he had some kind of affection for or history with, but ultimately had to threaten his family to get the USB. The words describing his character were “intelligent, dangerous, ambitious.”
  • Mark Proksch, who plays Pryce, appears on local TV morning talk shows around the country under the name of K-Strass, the Zim Zam Yo-Yo Man, a supposed yo-yo master who actually knows nothing about yo-yo, putting the hosts in an awkward situation.
  • This is the second time Schnauz has directed. The first was Mike’s final episode on Breaking Bad, 507 “Say My Name.”
  • This episode had a teaser, a flashback into Jimmy’s past, which was cut for time.
  • The writers didn’t realize Chuck was jealous of and continuously sabotaging Jimmy until they were breaking episode 107. This was partially inspired by the pride with which Michael McKean plays Chuck. But until 107, they thought that “Hamlin was the bad guy, pure and simple” (Vince Gilligan).
  • I won’t go into detail about it since they have talked about this so many times before, but the writers and actors spend a substantial amount of time talking about the unique drawn-out nature of TV, which allows the writers to draw inspiration from the actors (as with Chuck’s character above).
  • Michael Mando points out that Nacho now has an earring in this episode, which he takes to mean something about the character has changed—he is making some more “avant-garde” moves now.
  • Mando describes “four pillars” of Nacho’s character which he learned from his two scenes in 102: First, his intelligent “malleability,” in that he can switch quickly between talking to Tuco and talking to Jimmy, with very different approaches to the two. Second, “the dichotomy of compassion and violence that live within this character like sky and land.” Third, his ambition. Fourth, the “human chord”—why he decided to effectively entrust his life to Jimmy, someone with a completely different background and personality, and even “believes in Jimmy before Jimmy believes in himself.”
  • Mando and Banks have different perspectives on doing multiple takes to get variations on a scene or “just for safety.” Mando appreciates directors giving the actors a chance to stretch and be creative, while Banks feels like if he were going to do more takes after he’s already gotten the scene right, he would still be doing takes from Breaking Bad—because an actor is never really satisfied with his work.

Fast Dungeons & Furious Dragos

I got to roleplay Hobbs AKA The Rock in a game of Fast and Furious D&D for The Verge. You can listen above.

I had never played D&D before so it was a totally new experience, that was actually quite awesome. You can download character sheets and play on your own over at The Verge

This week we talk about the LGBTQIA+ representation in the new Jem and the Holograms comic book, do a follow-up on scandalous lesbian couples being legislated against in South Korea, and talk about some of the social justice criticisms of Broad City

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Whatever We Call It is a podcast I do with my best friend. It’s a once a week comedy podcast that you should totally listen to if you love jokes.

Here are some episodes that you should listen to and see if you like it!

Ep. 46: It’s Hollis Time In Christmas, Wait… whateverwecallit.libsyn.com/episode-46 

Ep. 49: Colton Burpo vs Yoko Ono

Ep. 22: Clip Show Already?

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New episode! ➪ http://podigious.com/SW01/

SW01: “We’re a Summer Wars Podcast Now”

We’re sad to announce that the Podigious crew is moving on from Digimon.

After experiencing the disaster of the Adventure 02 epilogue, we’ve decided that Digimon is a vapid toy commercial with no artistic merit. This is a sad day, but we’re happy to announce that we’re relaunching the show as Ozigious, a podcast dedicated to Summer Wars, examining the classic 2009 film three minutes at a time. We will be slowly converting the site over the next couple days, so please bear with us.

In this first episode of the newly launched Ozigious, we do a deep dive on the film’s classic prologue. The podcast is spoiler-free, so feel free to listen if you haven’t seen Summer Wars yet. The prologue is also available on YouTube, so we encourage listeners to watch if they haven’t seen the movie.

Listen and find full show notes
SW01. We’re a Summer Wars Podcast Now

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Animated over the audio from Sleepycabin’s Sleepycast!

Animated by The Mystery Zone in Source Filmmaker

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I was too late for the livestream //sob. So this is the only ones I got. And I just decided to go watch PewDiePie, and this drawing/meme (on the white thingy) reminded me of Dan, //cough //cough. I’m trying to not to offend anyone, but THEM CHINS BRUH!!!

LFRP - Looking for Role Play Podcast

Attention all role players and those with a general interest in online communities, video games, art, acting, public speaking, character design, and fantasy environments!

A podcast designed just for you continues its run at broadcasting to the masses of role players, gamers, and online community members at large.

This podcast is for anyone interested in the concept of role play, regardless of your experience level or writing ability.

Join Turwinkle the Gnome Mage, Tarcanus Frostbourne (Purveyor of Pink Cakes and Portals) and Dravvie on an adventure through Azeroth, the Interwebs, and beyond!

Episode 33 and a Half: Bonus LFRP!

Join Turwinkle, Tarcanus and Dravvie as they seek to conquer all topics related to role play, writing and the creative arts!

In a very special surprise episode this week, our three hosts share a little more about themselves as both gamers and people, how they got into role play, what their lives are like outside of role play, pod casting and creative writing, and much much more! Relive some of the show’s favorite moments, hear some previously-unheard audio tracks, and celebrate with us as we approach our one-year anniversary of “Looking for Role Play.”

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Читать дальше

I know a lot of you are writers...

And for RPG Pro Tip’s upcoming podcast project, I’m looking for submissions! You will of course be properly cited and sourced, with your Tumblr/Twitter/whatever tag/username on the website as well as credited during the episode itself! Here’s what I’m looking for:

ONE! Poetry of any kind! Doesn’t have to rhyme, could be a haiku, just send me your poems about your characters, about crawling through a dungeon or any fantasy-themed subject matter! 

TWO! Short stories! Again, fantasy-themed, one or two page stories! This can also include ADVENTURE HOOKS! If you have a cool idea for an adventure and write it up in the form of a narrative, send it my way for everyone to hear! 

THREE! Questions, comments, concerns or whatever else you have that we can talk about on the podcast! We are interested in everything you guys have to say, be it positive or negative! Again, if we use anything you’ve submitted, even questions or comments, you will be given a shout out on the website and on the episode! 

Proper citing and sourcing are very important to me, as I know that when I submit art or poetry or writings, I would be super bummed if I didn’t get credit for it. So anything you send me way, I promise you, will be used gently and you will be put upon a pedestal for gracing me with your words! 

Thank you guys so much for all the interest in a podcast and the continued support of the blog! I’m working really hard on putting together something that I hope everyone will enjoy and with your help, I know we can make something awesome together!  

Submit your entries HERE and be a part of an awesome thing! No limits on how many submissions you make! If you have a ton of stuff, you can also e-mail me at RPGPROTIP@Gmail.com


This Business of Pod

would anyone be interested in listening to / appearing on a weekly podcast mini-series about Tegan and Sara?

i’m thinking 10 eps total; each one around 30-40 minutes, discussing their career.

ep. 1: early demos
ep. 2: under feet like ours
ep. 3: this business of art
ep. 4: if it was you
ep. 5: so jealous
ep. 6: the con
ep. 7: sainthood
ep. 8: get along
ep. 9: heartthrob
ep. 10: collaborations / the future

ideally each episode could have one or more guests. any thoughts? would anybody listen?

Ep 35: Amy Tintera

Join me as I chat with Amy Tintera, author of REBOOT and REBEL, and the forthcoming RUINED series (due out Summer 2016!), about how screenplays are more than just dialogue, living in every time zone in the U.S., and embarking on new starts.

Amy Tintera Show Notes

Garden State (movie)


Nathan Bransford, QuerySharkAbsolute Write

SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi


CINDER by Marissa Meyer

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo



GAME OF THRONES by George R R Martin

IF I STAY by Gayle Forman


Aaron Sorkin

Burning Man

Kirsten Hubbard

Amy Spalding

Corrine Duyvis


Kiera Cass

Liz Norris

Aprilynne Pike

Listen now!

I finally showed my friend my work on the podcast website and...

He helped me realize that I was setting it up aaaall wrong and had completely the wrong focus. So it’s gonna be a little bit longer before I unveil it…

Also, we’re rethinking the title I was planning on using, so that’s more time and rerecording, too.

Stay tuned!