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I like to listen to this podcast in the car, and people give me the weirdest looks because I’m laughing waaaaaay too hard and look like a crazy lady. 

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consegues imaginar como seria se não conseguisses imaginar?           

Why Imagination Is So Important

— DNews


Imagination is one of the most important things that modern humans possess. How did we get it? Julian is here to discuss the development of imagination in our brains.

The human brain is considered one of the most complex things in the universe: Just think of all the things it can do: solve problems, make music and art, imagine things (and now we can do it all with one eye on our smartphone). How exactly did the human mind get to where it is? Anthropologist Steven Mithen from the University of Reading theorizes that the human brain went through seven distinct steps to do, what he thinks, is the most important ability: the ability to imagine.



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The Deli Podcast of Justice: “Countdown to Release” is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here. For the past year-and-a-half, Paul, AJ, and third Gobbler Eric Sipple have…

"The Deli Counter of Justice" is a superhero short story anthology that I contributed to, and after a year and a half of hard work on the part of our editors, a release date has finally been announced: November 5th!

The concept for the anthology centers on a superhero who retired from crimefighting and opened a deli. Each story is in some way related to said deli. Mine, for instance, is about a rat that lives in the alleyway behind it and has become mutated from eating scraps left behind by super-patrons. It was fun as hell to write and I’m extremely stoked to read the entire book.

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Sound On Sight Podcast, Episode 393: ‘The Double’ ‘Coherence’ and ‘The One I Love’

Simon Howell returns to the Sound On Sight podcast after taking some time off and on this episode we review three great films, all of which share a common theme. First is Richard Ayoade’s dark and heady dystopian-noir cocktail The Double, adapted from 1846 novella of the same name. After we sit down to discuss Charlie McDowell’s incredibly assured directorial debut The One I Love, a smart crowd-pleaser, featuring spectacular performances from Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss. Finally we review Coherence, a mash-up of surreal quantum physics theories and the feature debut of James Ward Byrkit.

New Interview with Guggenheim

Listening to the Fanboy Factor Podcast and picked up these little nuggets:

On Ray Palmer:

-“He’s a change agent” for the show

-“We write him like we write Felicity”

-“There is a costume in Ray Palmer’s future”

Future Seasons

-Due to the popularity of the show, they are able to think long term story-wise.

-They already have Oliver’s character arc for Season 4 planned. (My personal speculation is that THAT little nugget bodes well for Olicity’s long term prospects.)

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Mijy Viloria Presenta #MKVRA001 un podcast con el mejor House Music pasando por los sub géneros Deep House y Tech House.

Ya esta disponible en descarga gratis en su cuenta de soundcloud.💮

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Music in Podcasts

Joe Hiltenbrand



Music in Podcasts

Having music in a podcast is good for many ways. It can help transition into different interviews or segments, it can also help the listener get a sense of the place. For my place, which is Waveland historic site, I was going to use the artist Lupe Fiasco, whose music is generally about the hardships of his life growing up being an African American male. This connects to my place because Waveland represents the struggle with African Americans in Kentucky. This music makes you feel his pain and struggle, and connects you to the way he looks at his issues. I think my audience would enjoy the music because it is mostly up beat and also has a deep meaning if you listen to his lyrics. My place is very old and also in the country, so I don’t want to limit myself to new aged music, I may also want to try and find music more relevant to the time period. With older music, you would be able to really get a sense of how life was like on the plantation at Waveland. Once I begin to create my podcast and get my interviews together, I feel I may have to render my song choices to better fit the description of the place, but for the most part I believe this music should portray my place very well and also be enjoyable to the listener. 

Episode 88: Cons and Stuff
  • Episode 88: Cons and Stuff
  • Fandom The Podcast

This week we recount some of our experiences at Power Morphicon and C4, what Mojang and Minecraft will do without Notch, and how Gotham will compare to other Batman Shows.

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Click thru to listen to the September 30, 2014 at 03:52PM podcast. “Would you want to build a real life medical Tricorder for 10 million dollars?
StarTalk Radio host Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the reasons why X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis has teams competing to build a working Star Trek medical tricorder and how it could change the world.
If you enjoyed this SoundBite, be sure to check out the full episode here:

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We are so excited for our Retro-Con review and podcast! Coming soon! For now enjoy this video we shot at the con as a teaser.