Shipwrecked is creating a podcast! 

We are so bummed when we aren’t able to get together to create projects in a timely fashion so this podcast will be a way to connect with our viewers (and now listeners) on a more regular basis.

The Shipwrecked Podcast will cover a variety of topics such as Sinead and Yulin’s fanfiction, Mary Kate Wiles and her college emo phase and Sean’s prolific middle school acting career.

Look out on tumblr for episodes starting Monday June 8th at 11am PST and very soon on iTunes!


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I don’t think saberspark realizes I see everything after the show.

“It took me 7 years before I got my first editorial position with Henry Holt. It took so long because back then people thought ‘Black people don’t read.’ But then Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and Terry McMillan hit the bestseller list at the same time. And when that happened it was like ‘What in the world???’ because there wasn’t that many books being published by people of color. So there were even more books. And a variety of books.” 

Tracy Sherrod mentions the start of publishing taking even more notice of Black voices in the literary landscape once they hit the bestseller list proving: There is a market for these books.

Episode 2 Is Up

For those of you who are interested, episode 2 of Blast Off To Nowhere (our new podcast), is out. This week’s show titled, Fame!, is more indicative of what we’re trying to do every week. If you liked last week’s show, you’ll love this week’s. If you hated last week’s show, this one is much better. 

Check us out on iTunes, (or search Blast Off To Nowhere in the iTunes store) and be sure to subscribe and rate us. I have very little to look forward to, so help a cranky guy out.

If you hate iTunes, we’re on Stitcher too!

If all that stuff is too far away from Tumblr for you, we have an OFFICIAL podcast Tumblr. You can to us follow over there, check out any pictures, video’s, or music we talk about during the show. . 

I know I’m doing the hard sell here, but bear with me. I’m trying to develop this into something bigger, so if you like the show, tell your friends and followers. My self worth depends on it. No pressure.


I bet you are wondering “what is mukbang?” Well, basically, it is a style of live-stream broadcasting in which the host binge eats a FUCKTON of food and talks about food and life and stuff. It was created and popularized in South Korea and people in the US are starting to learn about it. Its kind of made to be a way that you can eat dinner with someone if you live alone/are lonely and you can feel comfortable in this kind of chill atmosphere and talk with each other and stuff. It also kind of acts as a food review/eating challenge type of show, so there are a lot of elements to it. 

I will attempt to do mukbang every Thursday in English for the next however long it is popular/I can afford to buy all the food. 

For my first upcoming mukbang, me and a friend of mine will be eating a crap ton of Korean food. I wanted to eat Korean food for the popping of my mukbang cherry to honor where it all started.

For the rest of my mukbang(s? Its weird to use in english grammatically), I will try and have guests for every show with different careers/lifestyles so that you can kind of take part in an active interview and learn new things from interesting people in a chill environment. 

Basically, my mukbang(s???) are going to be kind of a mukbang/food review/podcast/ reddit AMA type fusion. 

The first mukbang will feature mukbang, and I will be eating with my friend Tristan, a jaded film/cinematography student. He spends most of his time working PA jobs on sets, and knows a LOT about what it is like to start out in the film industry in LA so if you have any interest in that, he is a great person to ask.

The show will be from 5pm - ~7pm PST (we may exceed or go below 7pm) on my youtube channel here

This is something I have been planning and wanting to do for a long time, and I hope you all can come and watch and talk to me. 


This week, LC is joined by the fantastic Kiva Bay, creator of the Feminist Deck, to deep dive on The Secret of NIMH, Don Bluth’s dark and weird and weirdly dark 1982 animated flick, including:

  • What makes Mrs. Brisby such an unusual heroine for a kid’s movie
  • Women are from the field, men are from NIMH – gender and community
  • Behind the toxic yet necessary friendship between Brisby and Auntie Shrew
  • How Don Bluth respects both the magic of childhood and its dark and fearful things

Plus: Contrast; Jane the Virgin; real talk about the cult of mommyhood: abortions, pregnancy and lactation, oh my!; the Feminist Deck Kickstarter; Bitch Planet; Mad Max – sort of; A Nameless Witch; Nerdgasm Noire; Spawn on Me; and your emails!

Photo by Martin Schoeller from TIME

On the new episode of Backtalk, Amy and Sarah try to make sense of comedian Amy Schumer’s sudden success and problematic history, discuss the terribleness of the revelations about the family that stars in TLC show 19 and Counting, and talk about how Congress sneakily approved $75 million in funding for abstinence-only education. Listen in and download the podcast at BitchMedia.org.


Here’s Episode 16 of the POS Podcast!
Originally recorded 6/1/15

A brand new episode of POS Podcast where we talk about Tomorrowland, Splatoon, a 2-D animated project called Klaus, and much more!

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How to ensure a 100,000-plus seat sellout at WrestleMania 32...

Box Office Showcase: The Rock (w/ Ronda Rousey in his corner) vs Triple H (w/ his wife Stephanie in his corner)

The Last Ride: Undertaker vs Sting

The Reckoning of The Shield: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns (Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

The Rattlesnake vs The Beast: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar in a Texas Death Match

And I haven’t even mentioned John Cena, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe or even NXT!

And the best part is…. all of this is somewhat realistic to think about.

God, I love wrestling.